Appvion Improves Customer Satisfaction with a Digital Document Repository

Providing customers with fast self-service access to documents was the key to success for Appvion.


Appvion, Inc. manufactures paper—thermal, carbonless, security, inkjet, digital specialty and colored papers. But this Appleton, Wisconsin-based company had a problem when it came to digital documents in their customer web portal. Their existing system just wasn’t up to snuff. It was time to make a change. 


Taking Their Customer Web Portal from Inefficient…

Appvion had a problem. Their customer web portal was inefficient. Customers count on the portal to view routine documents, like orders and invoices, without needing to call customer service. But the technology they had in place was aging. While the portal did act as a repository for customer documents, it failed to meet customer expectations for fast and easy viewing. Customer attempts to retrieve documents sometimes took 5–10 minutes. Appvion needed a system that would better serve the needs of their customers.  

Their requirements were simple: the repository must be secure and allow easy access to transaction documents. It shouldn’t give customers direct access to Appvion’s server network. Appvion also wanted a system that could be implemented with few programming requirements

Appvion found the right solution with Fortra Document Management (RJS).

With the old website, it might take 5–10 minutes to retrieve a document. Now, it’s nearly instantaneous.

Rick Odegard, IT Technical Support Manager, Appvion


To a Fast, Simple, and Secure Document Repository

Initially, Appvion was concerned that a document repository would be too large to implement and too difficult to maintain themselves. Fortra cleared up their concerns. With Webdocs as a document repository and Deliver Now for distribution, Appvion gets the functionality they need without the hassle. The services team at Fortra made it easy by implementing the software and making sure it runs smoothly.

Integration with Appvion’s customer web portal—powered by ERP2Web, the ecommerce front-end integration for JD Edwards—was a must. And Fortra made integration simple. The Fortra team set up the application programming interfaces (APIs) necessary to connect Webdocs, Deliver Now, and Appvion’s existing software. A JD Edwards forms system generates the documents, then Deliver Now indexes and archives them in Webdocs. Now important order documents are immediately available to customers via the portal.

Today, the document repository is exactly what Appvion needed: fast, simple, and secure.

Webdocs and Deliver Now had the functionality we needed—without the overhead.

Rick Odegard, IT Technical Support Manager, Appvion


The Results

The customer web portal is easy-to-use and efficient. Customers receive key documents—orders, bills of lading, and more—digitally. Plus, they can search for and retrieve documents in an instant—whenever they need them. The 5–10 minute wait is now a thing of the past. Meanwhile Appvion can rest assured that their hands-off document repository meets their needs. 

Find Document Management That Fits Your Needs

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