Mobile Apps Make IBM i Monitoring Easy at EVRY

Enterprise Console enables EVRY to meet service levels and manage client LPARs from anywhere


With 10,000 employees and more than 14,000 public and private sector clients, EVRY is the largest IT company in Norway, and the second largest IT services company in the Nordic region. EVRY delivers a wide range of business-critical services, from application and industry-specific solutions to IT operating services and network solutions. Over 4 million Nordics use services that are dependent on EVRY on a daily basis.

Monitoring More Efficiently


With a focus on delivering high levels of service to its clients while driving internal efficiencies, EVRY wanted to ensure it was utilizing the latest technologies for monitoring its IT infrastructure.

The organization wanted to increase the efficiency of the monitoring process for 89 IBM i logical partitions hosted in three data centers across Norway. It also needed to deploy a tool that would eliminate time-consuming manual system tasks, increase the productivity of their IT support team, and enable remote monitoring and management for their servers.

EVRY conducted a detailed market analysis of all available solutions before identifying Halcyon as having the product portfolio that fulfilled its requirements. With a comprehensive range of monitoring, automation, and alerting tools designed specifically for managed service providers and data centers, Halcyon recommended a selection of products based on one of their standard solutions.

Halcyon worked closely in partnership with EVRY throughout the installation process to ensure that all monitoring requirements were achieved, proactively suggesting new and innovative ways to enhance operational efficiency.

Adding Mobility to Monitoring


The Halcyon solution provides a single view of all IBM i system activity, ensures that all jobs run on time, handles potential system bottlenecks, manages system housekeeping, and controls restricted state tasks.

Halcyon’s Enterprise Console mobile app—the first of its kind to offer true cross-platform monitoring, automation, and alerting—has significantly improved how EVRY manages its IBM i-based infrastructure by enabling IT staff to stay in control of critical notifications regardless of location.

Full, two-way communication provides administrators with the ability close, acknowledge, and even reply to outstanding message wait conditions from their preferred device directly back to IBM i, eliminating the need for 5250 display station terminal access.

After business hours, EVRY staff also uses the Enterprise Console mobile app on both Apple and Android devices to respond to key alerts overnight. This reduces the time it takes to respond to potentially critical conditions and allows EVRY to meet SLA requirements for existing clients.

According to Svein Arsland, Operations Manager at EVRY, “The whole of our IBM i estate can effectively be managed on a single tablet.”

Understanding the Needs of MSPs


Automating previously manual system processes has given EVRY the ability to manage a rapidly expanding IT infrastructure without requiring additional staff resources. It has significantly reduced the number of alerts to the operations center and enabled the IT team to easily identify and focus on any immediate tasks. The Halcyon solution also integrates with EVRY’s HP Operations/OpenView infrastructure to provide a holistic view of the whole IT infrastructure. 

Through clever, exception-based monitoring, EVRY has realized one of the benefits of true automation, which is to reduce the amount of notifications that system administrators have to deal with.

“EVRY is committed to helping clients improve their business operations by reducing cost, complexity, and barriers to change across their IT infrastructures,” continued Arsland. “Halcyon has made it possible for us to deliver a predictable and reliable managed service and meet the quality requirements of our clients. Its monitoring, automation, and alerting tools have driven efficiencies across the entire business while delivering a rapid return on investment. Halcyon provided high levels of support during the implementation phase and demonstrated a real understanding of the needs of managed service providers while helping us to rapidly deploy the software. This responsive and proactive approach allowed us to add new clients quickly and recoup service revenues faster.”

Halcyon is now one of EVRY’s valued solutions partners and its collaborative approach to product development extends to sharing the product roadmap during regular planning meetings. These meetings provide a forum to discuss EVRY’s on-going requirements and ensure that Halcyon solutions continue to meet the needs of the business in the future.

The whole of our IBM i estate can effectively be managed on a single tablet.

Svein Arsland, Operations Manager, EVRY

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