Fortegra Uses Sequel Data Warehouse to Easily Integrate Data Across Platforms


Find out how Fortegra uses Sequel Data Warehouse to consolidate cross-platform data and tell the full story. 

Delivering peace of mind to customers is the number one priority of Fortegra, a Jacksonville, Florida-based insurance provider.

But Fortegra needed accurate data to manage unique insurance and warranty requirements—like setting premiums. It was keeping them from delivering peace of mind to customers.

Missing the Full Story

Data only delivers value if it tells a complete story.

But as an insurance provider, Fortegra has many applications that run on disparate platforms. And each of these applications produces different layers of data. Bringing the cross-platform data together to tell the whole story was impossible.

They needed a better way to consolidate their data to create one clear version of the truth. And they found it with Sequel Data Warehouse (powered by RODIN) from Fortra.

Consolidating Data with Sequel Data Warehouse

Today, Fortegra gets the complete story—thanks to Sequel Data Warehouse.

With Sequel Data Warehouse, they’re able to deploy sophisticated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes. They use ETL to consolidate data from sources like IBM DB2 for i, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle.  

From there, Fortegra pushes data into data marts specialized for each user group. This makes it easier for users in sales or accounts payable, for example, to get the data they need for reporting and decision-making. Plus, it enables the company to isolate sensitive data—and keep it secure.

Saving Time and Gaining Efficiency Across the Board

Programmers used to manually write ETL processes—and it was taking up far too much of their time.

Today, it takes 75 percent less time to run an ETL process. That means Fortegra can accomplish more with less staff.

The data warehouse team has been a very small team for a very long time. But we move a lot of information very efficiently, without requiring programmers.

Eddie Urfer, Director of Data Analytics, Fortegra


Sequel Data Warehouse also helps Fortegra be Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant.

We can show the auditors exactly what data was moved on any given day. And if any data didn’t move, we can pinpoint exactly why that data stayed where it was.

Eddie Urfer, Director of Data Analytics, Fortegra


Today, Fortegra can tell the full story, consolidate data, and boost productivity—all thanks to the power of Sequel Data Warehouse.

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