HelpSystems and Rg19/Load Make Managed IT Easier for Seco Tools

Fortra and Rg19/Load Make Managed IT Easier for Seco Tools

Fortra helps Rg19/Load quickly onboard and extend server monitoring across Seco’s multi-platform environment

Based in Fagersta, Sweden, Seco Tools AB is one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, hole-making, and tooling equipment. Seco partners with nearby Rg19/
Load, a managed service provider (MSP), for advanced server monitoring solutions that enable fast response to issues that could disrupt business.

The Challenge

Fast Implementation of Managed IT Services

Seco Tools needed to ensure that its global network could be monitored effectively, as unforeseen outages could affect its ability to deliver on customer promises. To accomplish this, the company needed to change gears—and quickly. Seco had decided to transition away from its long-time managed service provider to one that could better meet its needs: Rg19/Load.

Success hinged on Rg19’s ability to get IT monitoring up and running in short order for Seco to prevent critical outages and automate tasks for faster response times. This included deploying enterprise monitoring software and reporting across Seco’s multi-platform environment while achieving high-level visibility on the status of all the disparate systems involved.

The Solution

Preventing Downtime with Fortra Solutions

Luckily, Rg19 had invested in scalable enterprise monitoring software from Fortra. The solution includes server monitoring software for Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBM i platforms, as well as MIMIX high availability monitoring templates and granular reporting capabilities. It was a perfect fit for Seco’s needs.

“The benefit of working with Rg19/Load and Fortra is that the solution is so fluid,” said Jan Danielsson, Senior Systems Engineer and Solution Architect, Seco Tools. “The combination of Rg19’s services and Fortra software makes us feel comfortable that we now have an effective way to identify, manage, and minimize the impact of critical incidents that can affect our customers.”

Rg19 and Seco can leverage Enterprise Console as a single pane of glass across the entire Seco IT network, spanning thousands of servers running different operating systems. This dashboard approach features alerts that highlight potential trouble spots so the team can manage by exception and attend immediately to issues.

Rg19 can also use the Advanced Reporting Suite to provide regular updates to Seco and other clients about the status of their servers over time. “As a managed service provider, our success is tied directly to our customers’ success,” said Christer Hermansson, Consultant Manager, Rg19/Load. “We have full confidence in our Fortra solutions.”

The Results

Minimize the Impact of Critical Incidents

With its Fortra software in place, Rg19/Load was able to get Seco Tools up and running quickly with the monitoring capabilities it needed. Now, Seco and Rg19 both receive alerts in Enterprise Console and can address critical situations immediately.

“We are pleased to support Seco Tools with the infrastructure monitoring they need to protect their enterprise servers and prevent downtime,” Hermansson said.

The Seco team is confident in the new partnership as well. “The solution reduces human intervention as more tasks become automated,” said Danielsson. “We also experience faster responses on daily operational matters for new projects. Working with Rg19/Load and Fortra was definitely the right choice for our business.

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