Fortra Protects the COMP Performance Group from Viruses and Malware


The COMP Performance Group™ is a world leader in the performance automotive aftermarket with core product lines that include camshafts, transmissions, drivetrain parts, fuel injection systems, and computer simulation software.

After experiencing rapid growth in recent years, the organization brought on Ron Smith to launch an IT transformation project. Ron’s priorities included implementing world-class IT principles and working strategically with senior management, but he knew which item was first on his list: malware protection for the company’s heterogeneous environments.

“Virus and malware protection is paramount,” Ron explained. “Of course, the end users need anti-virus software in place for their clients, but we also need to maintain security on our IBM Power Systems since our ERP system is run on that server.”

Viruses and Malware Can Cause Expensive Downtime

Ron is fully aware of the damage a malicious program can cause. At a previous employer, server-level virus protection was deemed unnecessary for Power Systems servers. Just days later, a virus slipped through the IBM i side and users lost access to mission-critical data, which resulted in extensive downtime.

“The only place it’s easy for ransomware to attack the IBM i system is through the IFS [integrated file structure], which is inherently unprotected. Locking down the IFS was of greatest importance because it’s the gateway to our other operating systems,” Ron said.

“There’s still a risk even if you have anti-virus software on the users’ work stations. If it’s a zero-day virus and your virus definitions haven’t been updated, IBM i can act as a host and transmit malicious programs to all your PCs.”

Powertech Antivirus: A Proven Solution

When it came time to select a malware protection solution for the COMP Performance Group, the decision was easy. After using Powertech Antivirus since 2010, Ron knew it was the right option for his organization.

“Powertech Antivirus caught, contained, and quarantined all viruses and malware when I used it at a previous employer. I don’t tamper with success,” Ron said.

“I’m very happy with the simplicity and the effectiveness of Powertech Antivirus. Fortra has great people and the support is second to none. The product is very easy to install, very easy to comprehend, and very easy to maintain. There was no reason to consider any other options.”

Avoiding Business Disruptions

Getting Powertech Antivirus up and running at the COMP Performance Group took less than a week, and Ron knew he made the right choice almost immediately. Within two weeks of installing Powertech Antivirus, a ransomware attack hit the IFS.

The attack happened at a critical time for the COMP Performance Group. Ron’s team was in the middle of bringing another organization on board. If the attack had been successful, they would have had to stop progress in midstream to address the ransomware. Powertech Antivirus stopped the malicious program and quarantined it, so no harm was done.

“Downtime at an organization our size could cost over $150,000 per hour. Multiplied over a day or several days, that could have been devastating. Powertech Antivirus worked perfectly, so we were able to continue with business as usual without any disruptions or extra expenses.”

Throughout his career, Ron has always stressed the importance of securing the organization’s data and systems. That often involves educating executives about the risks to your systems—and the consequences to the business if those risks materialize.

“Purchasing Powertech Antivirus is a no brainer. You wouldn’t purchase a new house without having proper security throughout. Why wouldn’t you protect your mission-critical systems the same way? They need to be secure and stable, especially with the continuing threat of virus and malware attacks. Simply put, Powertech Antivirus helps me sleep better at night.”

Protect Your Systems from Malware

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