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Jennie-O Saves Time and Money with a Document Management Solution


A recognized leader in turkey automates paperwork processing with a document management solution. 

  • $140,000 saved each year on outsourced scanning
  • One-foot stacks of supporting documents for each AP check eliminated
  • Three-inch stacks of QA documents generated daily now digitized
  • Bring document scanning in-house—and capture documents faster
  • Simplify document access and delivery
  • Manage all documents (Windows and IBM i) from one spot


Turkey drives business for Willmar, Minnesota-based Jennie-O Turkey Store. Founded in 1940, today Jennie-O employs almost 7,000 people and sells 1,500 products in 27 countries worldwide.

But, too often, those turkey sales have been slowed down by paper and inefficient processes. 

Paper-Based Processes Gobbled Up Time

Operations battled endless paperwork, including quality assurance documents, product formulae, invoices, and sales orders. On a daily basis, Jennie-O’s plants generated three-inch stacks of handwritten quality assurance documents. Over in accounts payable, it was common for single check to create a one-foot tall stack of related paperwork.

The paper was stacking up. As the paper problem grew, those documents became more difficult to access and took up more and more space.

Jennie-O did have a process in place to combat the paper problem—an outsourced scanning service. Once a week, Jennie-O placed barcodes on documents and sent box after box off to be scanned. But then they’d have to wait one to two weeks to get those documents online. Once they were online, the documents lacked thorough indexing. So, searches for documents often turned up zilch. And this service was costing Jennie-O $140,000 each year.

It was time to make a change. Jennie-O needed a solution that would help them capture, manage, and retrieve documents easily in their accounts payable and operations departments—and beyond. They chose Fortra Document Management. 

Efficient Document Management Saved the Day

Jennie-O Turkey Store now uses Webdocs for the IBM i to eliminate paper and digitize documents. One of the benefits of the solution was that it works on their IBM i platform, as well as Windows.

“Fortra really understands the iSeries,” said Cheryl Cooper, Applications Services Manager. “With a lot of vendors we use, it’s really hard to get them to understand the iSeries. When you do a lot of your work on iSeries, it’s a huge benefit to get your utilities software from an iSeries-centric vendor.”

With the help of Webdocs, Jennie-O easily captures, manages, and retrieves all documents electronically. Webdocs makes it simple for each employee to capture documents electronically—no matter their entry point. Scanners are stationed throughout the facility, so any employee can scan and capture a document immediately.

Once documents are captured, they can be easily managed and retrieved electronically. No need for paper to enter the picture ever again. Instead, Jennie-O can return their focus to doing what they do best: processing and selling turkey.

Document Management with Real Results

Since document scanning is now an in-house operation, it happens a lot faster. Digital documents are available instantly—not in one-to-two weeks. Plus, with Webdocs, finding a document again is as easy as a simple keyword search.

The $140,000 annually for outsourced scanning? Saved. Those stacks of handwritten quality assurance documents? Digitized. And those supporting documents for each accounts payable check? Managed digitally, too.

Is paperwork slowing you down?

See how you can replace paper and inefficient processes with a document management solution.