NAFECO Deploys Webdocs Integrated with S2K for a Seamless Document Management Solution

NAFECO Deploys Webdocs Integrated with S2K for a Seamless Document Management Solution


Company Overview

NAFECO is a company that provides firefighting, law enforcement, safety, and EMS equipment across the United States.  They supply first responders with the equipment, service, and expertise needed to protect property and lives. They service everything they sell including fire extinguishers, SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus), fire hoses, rescue tools, and fire apparatus.  They use VAI’S S2K Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software across their business.

Using a Legacy Document Management System

Prior to implementing the Fortra solution, Webdocs, NAFECO was running an older legacy document management system.  In addition to the older product being difficult to use due to a clunky user interface, the software was corrupting their metadata indexes.  The IT staff had to re-index their metadata on a monthly basis, a time-consuming process that had to be run overnight.  In addition, even the basic task of setting up new documents in the system proved to be challenging and time consuming, which was causing NAFECO to have to purchase more scanners.         

How did they choose a new document management solution?

NAFECO had recently upgraded to the latest release of their VAI S2K Enterprise, when Jeremy Bowling, IT Manager, learned that VAI partners with Fortra to provide an electronic document management solution (EDMS) integrated with the VAI S2K Enterprise software suite.  The timing was perfect for the organization to update to an EDMS and tie two core applications together for a seamless user experience.

Bowling had a good feeling about Webdocs because Fortra understood their requirements and proved how Webdocs fit their need in product demonstrations.  Weighing cost versus capabilities and considering how the software would integrate with VAI S2K and other Windows applications, “choosing Webdocs was an easy decision,” Bowling said.   

As a company that runs the VAI S2K software, NAFECO needed a partner with experience and knowledge with the VAI S2K solutions suite.  Webdocs integrates with their existing S2K ERP applications, and the Fortra Professional Services team have the expertise NAFECO needed. “It was important for us to find a company that works in conjunction with our primary vendor, VAI,” Bowling said.

Utilizing Professional Services for a Smooth Transition

As a small IT department, Bowling and his team are used to being deeply involved in implementing and supporting all systems in their organization. With the Fortra Professional Services team helping them through the Webdocs implementation, they got to benefit from the expertise of people who know the software inside and out while still getting to be involved in the process because of the Fortra mentorship approach. 

Improvements Across the Organization

Webdocs has been a good fit for NAFECO. They’ve been able to integrate Webdocs with their current VAI S2K software throughout their Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Shipping departments.  

Because Webdocs features multiple methods of capture, including a desktop scanning capability, departments can do their own scanning to save time across the organization.

“From a business process standpoint, we are pleased with the way it integrates with S2K and the iSeries spool files. From the user interface perspective, the product is extremely intuitive and easy to use.  Our accounting department alone is saving 1 to 2 hours every day,” said Bowling.   

NAFECO will continue to deploy Webdocs in other departments in their company. Bowling says, “We can address many use cases in our company and intend to expand the solution over time.”

See how Webdocs integrates with your applications

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