Powertech Helps Community Bank Enforce Internal iSeries Compliance


First Security Bank is one of Montana’s largest, locally owned community banks. They provide business, real estate, consumer and agricultural loans, Internet banking, brokerage services, and a full range of deposit accounts.

First Security has over 150 users on a System i 525 that runs banking applications from Fiserv CBS Worldwide. The firewall they had in place for their iSeries security was protecting their network from the "outside," but they knew that was only half the battle.

iSeries Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i and Internal Compliance

First Security Bank users accessed the network through interfaces such as FTP and ODBC. Monitoring and controlling these types of activities was necessary, but extremely time consuming. The consequences included inconsistent enforcement of their corporate security policy throughout their network.

In order to effectively enforce compliance with their own internal policies, they needed an iSeries network security solution that would provide constant and efficient access monitoring and generate automated reports.

First Security Bank chose Powertech, a Fiserv CBS Worldwide partner, to resolve their iSeries network security challenges.

Enforcing iSeries Compliance

With Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i, First Security Bank was finally able to enforce their corporate privacy policy. The team could set rules to restrict access to server without impacting daily operations, including rules to limit the use of FTP and ODBC to specific users, groups, and IP addresses. They could also monitor internal access with daily reports and managers received automated, real-time alerts of any security violations.

"[Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i] is an intuitive exit point control software that allows us to really lock down our network and improve our iSeries compliance," says Emily Shellabarger, Vice President of First Security Bank.

Overcome Your Network Security Challenges

Close back doors to your network, log exit point transactions, and enforce your security policy with Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i.