Powertech Protects City Data and Vital Services with System i Security


The City of Warren recognizes the importance of System i network security. Their System i runs many critical applications, including human resources, payroll, and accounts payable and stores over 22,000 utility customer’s personal data, including monthly bank draft information.

Additionally, the System i hosts the city’s 911 interface to run operations for emergency dispatch 24 x 7. With 200+ users accessing applications from 19 different locations across the city, there was a looming threat that users could easily access the System i, delete or corrupt sensitive data, or bring down the entire system at any time.

"We needed to get a handle on our System i network security. Things were happening outside the visual scope that we couldn’t see or track. It wasn’t necessarily malicious, sometimes employees are just curious and explore to see what a certain command produces" said Salvatore Diliello IT Manager for City of Warren.

Locking Down System i Network Security

City of Warren chose Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i to lock down their system and only allow access to approved users for their specific job. Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i uses IBM exit point technology to protect System i data from unwanted network access, securing critical information from theft, loss, and fraud.

City of Warren has been running Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i for nearly four years to lock down access to its most common exit points, including FTP, ODBC, and Remote Command.

Automatic System i Monitoring and Reports

Diliello’s staff receives weekly reports from Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i so they can easily monitor who is accessing the system from several locations around the city.

"I looked at several other vendors, but after speaking with PowerTech customers using the product and hearing how easy it was to implement and run, I decided to go with PowerTech’s solution," said Diliello.

System i Security Training

Diliello recently attended Fortra's System i security and compliance conference in Las Vegas to receive training on System i network security and best practices for using the security solution.

"The conference more than met my expectations; it was very valuable to me to network with other Powertech customers and understand how they were using Powertech System i security solutions. Powertech made it easy and enjoyable to learn."

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