Southern Waste Systems Achieves Fast ROI with iForms

An industry recycling and waste collection leader cuts down on paper with electronic forms software.


Southern Waste Systems (SWS) and sister company Sun Recycling specialize in collecting, processing, and recycling waste. But this Davie, Florida-based company was using too much paper in the process—and the costs were adding up.

The Paper Slowdown


Here’s how it used to work: A customer had material for an SWS driver to pick up. Said customer received a receipt and signed a copy for the driver. The driver brought the copy back to SWS for record-keeping. Simple in theory, complicated (and costly) in practice.

The paper used in creating receipts was expensive. Thousands of receipts were produced each week. And all those paper receipts required storage space—lots of storage space. Any time a customer called looking for another copy of a receipt, an accounts receivable (AR) clerk had to go searching for it. Finding one receipt in endless boxes of paper documents, copying it, and mailing it the customer was really inefficient—and the customer was often left waiting for too long.

SWS needed to make a change to eliminate paper, improve efficiency, and make customers happier. They chose iForms from Fortra Document Management (RJS).

Recycling Paper-Based Processes


It was time to recycle paper-based processes at SWS and enter a new era of electronic forms. With iForms from Fortra, SWS did just that.

Today, receipts are created, managed, and distributed electronically with iForms. Receipts are simultaneously delivered to the customer and saved in SWS systems—electronically. iForms works with Windows, IBM i, and business systems, which makes life easier for SWS. Since iForms integrates with their existing AR system, AR clerks can quickly and easily search for relevant receipts upon customer requests. Delivering receipts is immediate, and customers are happy.


It was an amazing ROI.

Nick Casagrande, IT Director, SWS

The Result: ROI Across the Board


SWS saw a return on investment in the first five months.

Paper costs were cut dramatically. Storage space was reclaimed and repurposed. AR clerks now find receipts instantly and email them in a click—rather than having to spend hours searching for, copying, and mailing them. And customer service has improved, because customers are no longer kept waiting for someone to find their receipt.

On top of ROI, SWS also benefited from world-class Fortra support. Casagrande said, “I buy a lot of software, but software means nothing if you don’t have support behind it. The team at Fortra has been great. They’re literally a phone call away. And they’re very quick to respond.”

As a result, SWS is back to setting the standard in the recycling industry—instead of being setback by paper receipts.

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