Cloud Migration Bundle for IBM i

If you’re one of the many organizations seeking to replace your current system and leverage the many benefits of cloud computing, your first step is going to be migrating your workloads.

Many IT teams don’t have any experience migrating IBM Power workloads to the cloud, which can be difficult. These workloads are often mission critical, and hiccups in their migration process can frequently result in costly outages.

Our cloud migration bundle offers you the tools as well as the personnel necessary to successfully migrate to the cloud.

Planning for Migration

Collection Services

A great way to start measuring your IBM i workloads is to use IBM Collection Services. Collection Services are free with the IBM i operating system and take snapshots of your system every 15 minutes by default. These snapshots, which can be adjusted to run anywhere from every five to 15 minutes, provide visibility into system resources such as CPU, disk, memory, and disk arm utilization. We use this for sizing your workload needs in the cloud.

Analyzing the Multitude of Metrics

Our software uses Collection Services data, so it has zero overhead. It also provides a graphical interface that can help you analyze the hundreds of different metrics that Collection Services collects. Its interface allows you to visualize the data in relation to your workload, whether that is a single VM (partition), server, or the entire enterprise is running on different hardware.

Preview Your Workloads

With our performance software you can get a preview of what your workload would look like on new (cloud) hardware. It also allows you to artificially grow specific workloads to see when a specific threshold would be reached or predict when you might need to request additional funding for those times when you need extra cloud resources.

Industry Standard System Sizing

Our software is the industry standard for system sizing. IBM business partners and end users around the world rely on its trademark What If functionality to facilitate server consolidations and hardware upgrade projects. Based on days, months, or years of historical performance and capacity data stored on your system, the What If feature allows you to model hypothetical scenarios and determine how capacity changes will impact server performance, so you can make capacity planning decisions with precision.

Streamlined File Transfer

While hosting your IBM i on the cloud, your organization will require a solution that facilitates quick, secure, and easy backup file transfers between your on-prem infrastructure and the cloud. Our solution is a robust accelerated backup file transfer software solution that supports client/server architecture, enabling the fast transfer of large backup files.

Efficient and Adaptive File Transferring

Our solution is a UDP-based protocol, which makes transferring large data sets much faster, even in high latency or packet loss environments. To cut down on time-consuming compression and decompression processes before and after a file has been transmitted, our solution compresses the files you send on the fly.

Maintaining a Backup During and After Migration

Local and remote journaling software is the easiest way to accomplish a side-by-side or distance migration while continuing your day-to-day operations and keeping the new environment in sync with your old server.

Mitigate Risk

There’s little risk with our HA solution. You can create an initial copy of your original data, send it to the new target, and run in this side-by-side mode until you feel comfortable making the switch. Our solution keeps your two systems in sync the whole time, and you can revert back to your original production server at any time without data loss.

Protect Business During Disasters

Software-based replication is more flexible than hardware-based replication, allowing you to recover more quickly from any unplanned switches. 

Our solution can cut recovery times down to minutes by making a fast, unplanned switch to a target system, ideally at a remote location. Typical recovery time objective (RTO) is between 15 and 30 minutes.

Be Ready for Role Swaps

A role swap is an automated process that quickly prepares the backup or target system to take on the role of production and then automatically switches users. The audit routines in our solution continuously examine the target database and objects and compare them with production. This ensures that the target system is a true and ready-to-use copy of production.

You can also monitor the health of your pairs with a modern, browser-based dashboard, which color codes any errors, including transfer lag time, apply lag time, or audit errors.

Deployment and Managed Services

Customers receive ongoing assistance from our experts – from installation to operation. First, our team will take care of the installation. We’ll configure our solutions to the needs of your environment. Next, we’ll make sure you have everything that you need to properly use the technology – from product walk throughs to training resources.

After installation, you’ll receive ongoing support in the form of a managed service. Our team will assist you in operating the suite of solutions as well as perform maintenance to ensure consistent and up to date software. All that you’ll have to worry about is leveraging the bundle to create a more secure and efficient IBM i for your organization.

Simplified Cloud Migration

Customers can expect a simplified migration to the cloud and reduced effort required from IT. Our cloud migration bundle is the perfect solution for anyone that’s looking to set their organization up to leverage the advantages of cloud computing while avoiding burdening their busy IT team with such a massive task.

  • Migrate to the cloud seamlessly
  • Reduce the risks of a poorly executed cloud migration
  • Preserve reputation by maintaining a consistent operation
  • Utilize data replication while data is moving to the cloud
  • Leverage cloud services successfully and cost effectively

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