The New Age of Report Distribution

Automate Document Distribution for Your IBM i and Windows Business Systems  

Too many businesses are still manually generating, collating, printing, and sending reports and other business documents. If you’re one of those companies, then it’s time to rethink your current process and strategy.  

How DeliverNow Can Help You 

Burst and deliver spool files and PC reports across platforms: 

  • IBM i  
  • Windows/Linux  

Convert reports to popular PC formats:

  • Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, etc. 

Automatically deliver documents and reports through:

  • Email  
  • PC/Server Network Directory/Shared Folder  
  • Output Queue  
  • FTP/SFTP  
  • Printer  
  • Webdocs Secure Archive  

With the rise of companies deploying work-from-home policies, we have seen increased interest from customers in the following areas for plugin modules for DeliverNow to help with some of the following:  

  • Document Creation Process – Invoices, Statements, Graphical Reports, etc.  
  • The ability for employees to use a self-service portal to gain secure access to reports and other documents.  
  • Interactive user downloading 
Automated Report and Spool File Management Process
Are you a current WinSpool Customer? Let us show you the latest in document distribution, including: 
  • Monitoring output queues and directories (batch and email requires separate queues whereas DeliverNow handles this at one pass).  
  • Distribution to many destinations with one entry  
  • Better business database – DeliverNow uses SQL Server for easier definition setup, administration, and more flexibility  
  • Service based architecture  
  • Proactive error handling and proactive notifications  
  • Web browser administration interface with secure login 


Web browser administration  

Service based architecture  

PC and IBM i monitors  

Convert to popular PC formats  

  • Excel  
  • PDF  
  • Text  
  • HTML  
  • TIFF  
  • Word  

Delivery to multiple destinations  

  • Email  
  • Network Folders  
  • FTP/SFTP  
  • Printers  
  • Webdocs Secure Document Management 


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