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HA-MX Monitor


A Robust Tool for Monitoring the MIMIX High Availability Solution


Your business must be confident that their back-end processes are working at all times—any interruption is costly both in terms of lost sales and customer satisfaction. That’s why so many companies have adopted high availability solutions to ensure business continuity.

A high availability solution allows you to instantly switch over to a replication of your production environment during planned maintenance or software upgrades, as well as times of unexpected downtime, so you need to make sure it’s ready even when you aren’t.

Automatic monitoring tools provide the functionality and flexibility you need to ensure your high availability solution is working as it should on both the source and target systems while also freeing your operators to focus on other projects.

MIMIX Monitoring

HA-MX Monitor ensures a maximum return on your investment for your MIMIX solution and helps eliminate lost income as a result of downtime. It efficiently and effectively monitors your MIMIX processes and alerts you to any issues, giving you peace of mind that the integrity of your replicated data has not been compromised.

Eliminate costly human error through highly customizable criteria. Precise monitoring rules and actions are versatile and easy to maintain. You can set monitoring thresholds and define rules to suit your own business needs in addition to choosing your desired method of alerting.

Ensure your standby system is always switch-ready by setting thresholds.

Advanced Alerting

HA-MX Monitor allows you to escalate alerts based on your company processes and procedures. Even if there are no issues, you can choose to receive an all-clear message to give you confidence that your replication data is current.

So that transient error conditions do not unnecessarily disturb you, HA-MX Monitor includes a grace period that handles intermittent, short-term issues that don’t necessarily require reporting. You only get notified of real errors.

Mobile Apps
HA-MX Monitor gives you full visibility with mobile apps

HA-MX Monitor gives you full visibility into what is occurring on each MIMIX process from a single screen. Enterprise Console mobile app for Apple and Android devices is a centralized dashboard where you can manage all alerts even when you are away from your desk.

Easily drill down to status alerts for further details, saving considerable time and improving efficiency with a single point of access.

Let’s Get Started

Seeing HA-MX Monitor in action will help you determine how proactive MIMIX monitoring can save you time and money.


  • Alert Delay ensures that you only receive notification for real errors
  • Mobile monitoring and alerting via smartphones and tablets
  • Pre-configured templates to fast-track initial deployment
  • Built-in escalation methods
  • Supports physical, virtual, and cloud-hosted IBM i servers


  • Systems Operations Suite (Level 2)
  • Advanced Automation Suite (Level 3)
  • Operations Center Suite (Level 4)
  • Enterprise Console


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher