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Save time, money and trees.


With iForms you can create electronic forms and professional business reports from virtually any data source, giving you the ability to use and act on information like never before.

Now you can easily create professional invoices, purchase orders, billing statements, and reports without relying on expensive pre-printed forms or custom reporting tools.

Output forms and reports into the formats you need, including PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, and more. And because those files are electronic, you can distribute or route them for approval via email and store them digitally instead of in filing cabinets.

Plus, going digital means you’ll streamline workflow, increase productivity and save money on paper and printing costs. Create professional forms and reports from any data source.

Get digital

Going digital means you can eliminate virtually all of the pre-printed forms and paper reports you currently use. You can easily create invoices, purchase orders, shipping and receiving forms, checks, HR documents and more.

Create forms and reports directly from IBM i data

With iForms you can create electronic forms and datadriven reports from the IBM i. Generate documents from almost any type of data source, including spool files and virtually any database, including DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.

Professional reporting

Keep yourself and others informed with advanced reporting features. iForms generates high-quality business and financial reports using data from almost any source.

Powerful design tools

Quickly create document templates with an easy-to-use design tool. The designer allows you to create multi-colored forms and reports with a variety of font and point sizes. You can also add graphics, signatures, bar codes, charts, and more.

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Use iForms to create:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Checks
  • HR documents
  • Shipping documents
  • Business reports

Key Features:

  • Create forms and reports from scratch or existing templates from IBM i spool files, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, and other databases
  • Built-in graphic design tool
  • Document output types include PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, XML, PCL, and more