Network Server Suite

Network Server Suite provides comprehensive monitoring and automation for Windows, AIX/VIOS, and Linux servers and SNMP devices. It was designed to deliver smooth operations without increasing headcount by centralizing the monitoring and management of all network servers.

By integrating Network Server Suite into your IT environment to support existing monitoring tools, it eliminates the need for separate screens to monitor multiple environments or platforms. Pre-defined monitoring templates ensure 24/7 availability of servers, critical processes, and network devices right out of the box. Alerts are sent to the Enterprise Console or as SMS messages to cellphones or by email.

Manage Multiple Servers from a Single Location

Enterprise Console provides a central view of your entire enterprise, regardless of location and platform. You can easily view messages and alerts generated by any Windows, AIX/VIOS, and Linux servers and reply to messages or close alerts from the central console.

Color-coded options help you identify different servers or types of alerts and comprehensive filters allow you to escalate actions, change severity, and forward alerts.

Highly Customizable

Integrate Network Server Suite with your existing support setup using the built-in, flexible alert escalation routines to deliver alerts to your preferred mobile device. You can also automatically raise tickets in your Service Desk application and assign them to the right teams using smart, automated Enterprise Console actions.

Mobile Apps

Place your IT enterprise at your fingertips with the free Enterprise Console app for Apple and Android devices. The app has full functionality and allows you to manage the current status of your IT enterprise even when you are away from your desk.



  • Monitor and automate across multi-platform environments
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Install remotely and upgrade from a central location
  • Receive notification of critical system performance issues
  • Send alerts as SMS or email messages
  • View all alerts and thresholds in a single pane of glass
  • Integrate your company’s escalation procedures


  • Linux
  • Windows

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Let’s Get Started

Seeing Network Server Suite in action will help you determine how proactive system monitoring can save you time and money.