Powertech Command Security for IBM i

Commands are the lifeblood of a Power Systems™ server running IBM i (System i,® iSeries,® AS/400®). Underlying everything that takes place on your system is a command. Some commands (like DSPMSG) are harmless and are available to anyone with a user profile. Other commands are commonly used, but you’d like to know when someone tried to use them. There are some commands, however, that have a great potential for misuse or could cause major security issues. Having the ability to monitor and control certain commands under a given set of conditions is key to maintaining a secure system.

Control IBM i Command Use

Command Security helps you monitor and secure the use of selected commands. Using Command Security, you identify which commands you want to monitor, specify the conditions under which the command should be secured, and define the actions to take when the conditions are met.

With Command Security, you can:

  • Allow the command to execute as it was entered  
  • Prevent the command from being executed  
  • Notify an administrator when the command is issued  
  • Modify the command in a predefined way (from substituting command keywords to replacing the entire command)

By combining these actions, you can define customized actions to control unauthorized use of a command.

Meet Compliance Requirements

One of the main challenges companies face today is meeting government legislation and industry regulations. To comply, you must prevent users from changing data outside of approved applications or allow only authorized users to make system-related changes. Command Security helps you meet compliance requirements by monitoring the commands that could be used in these situations and making sure that only authorized users can execute them. It records monitored commands in a secure journal, providing a complete audit trail for you and your auditors.



  • Monitor and control command use 
  • Define actions to take when command conditions are met  
  • Maintain a complete audit trail 
  • Comply with regulatory initiatives
  • Notify administrators when particular commands are issued


  • IBM i 7.1 or higher



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