Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i

As threats to data security grow, governments and trade groups are adopting strict standards to ensure protection of sensitive data, much of which is stored on Power Systems™ running IBM i. Finance, biotechnology, gaming, and other highly regulated industries rely on the operating system to secure their data and track it for compliance audits.

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i leverages IBM i to automate, streamline, and centralize your database monitoring while providing full notification, authorization, reporting, and regulatory compliance capabilities.

Know What Your Users Are Doing

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i is a high-performance database monitor that helps you automate and centralize monitoring and user activity reporting for your IBM i servers. When a user accesses a database file, Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i tracks what they see, where they go, and what they do, including changes they make to sensitive information like payroll files.

Providing a complete audit trail and real-time notification, Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i helps you meet compliance requirements and reduce security risks.

Automate and Centralize Your Monitoring

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i automates and centralizes your monitoring and reporting (even down to field-level). It allows you to process by exception and eliminate manual reporting and reviewing. You can even use e-signatures and notifications to automate your approval processes and streamline your workflow.

A constant influx of unfiltered data changes does no good if there’s too much to understand. Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i filters events by user, IP address, date, time, and priority so operators have less volume and can read results more easily.

Empower Your Change Review

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i detects database changes in real time. It also gives data owners power to require permission for changes and review whether changes were approved. The result is an audit trail with visibility to all changes and a record of historical reporting and forensics.

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i also generates reports and secures audit history, with custom options—you can designate certain fields to be more sensitive than others—for sending automatic alerts by email, text, or pager.

Meet Security Regulations and Standards

It is more crucial than ever to comply with government and trade mandates for integrity and security of data. Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i captures changes in a secure, auditable database—including before-and-after images and change history—giving you the ability to satisfy audits with confidence and without the suspicion that homemade controls arouse.

Enjoy a Quick Return on Investment

Regulations can place a large burden on IT resources. Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i lessens the impact by helping you satisfy data integrity and audit requirements without programming or modifying your applications. It offers quick and continuing payoff by extending the capabilities of your existing systems—including your file journal— so you can monitor databases and send change notifications automatically and in real time.



  • Powerful database security monitoring  
  • Transaction filtering  
  • Field-level monitoring  
  • Real-time alerts  
  • Electronic signatures  
  • Data change recording


  • IBM i 7.1 or higher


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