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Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i


How Much Do Forgotten Passwords Cost You?

According to Gartner, 30% of calls to help desks are password related and cost up to $31 per call. For organizations with operating environments supporting thousands of users, this productivity bottleneck can quickly spiral out of control.

Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i enables users to reset their own IBM i passwords immediately, improving user productivity and reducing the demand placed on IT.

Instead of calling the help desk and waiting for the request to be processed, Password Self Help presents the user with a series of challenge questions to validate their authenticity. If approved, the password reset completes instantly.

Enhance System Security

Control the type and number of challenge questions asked, in addition to the number of reset attempts allowed, all based on your organization’s security policy.

Unsuccessful attempts to reset passwords trigger automatic notification to the relevant security personnel.

Challenge questions discourage fraudulent reset requests and users can set their own default reset password— known only to themselves, which adds another layer of security.

Complete Audit Trail

Both successful and unsuccessful password resets are logged for audit reporting purposes.

User-Friendly Browser Interface

Password Self Help includes a web interface that makes user setup and password resets easier than ever.

The modern, mobile interface allows end users to reset their own passwords from their desktops or smartphones—no green screen access required.

Let's Get Started

Find out what Password Self Help can do for you. We’ll review your current setup and see how Fortra products can help you achieve your security and compliance goals.


  • Secure self-service password resets
  • Custom security settings
  • User registration options
  • Instant alerts
  • Web user interface
  • Multi-language functionality


  • IBM i 7.1 or higher