Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i

Monitor Your Most Critical Data

The IBM i OS runs some of the most critical business applications in your organization. Powertech SIEM Agent for IBM i allows you to monitor, transform, and transmit security-related events from IBM i directly to various outputs, including your enterprise security information and event management solution.

Simple Explanations

Powertech SIEM Agent takes raw security event data from IBM i and translates it into a meaningful format for security operations staff. Event text can be tailored to suit the needs of your intended audience. Complex audit journal details are simplified into plain English statements, such as:

“An invalid password was entered for user profile JOHN”

“System Value QSECURITY was changed from 40 to 30”

Filter Entries

You don’t need to flood the network and fill up your security information and event management (SIEM) solution with every journal entry. Intelligent filtering capabilities at the source make it easy to choose which security events are sent to which desitnations. Save disk space and bandwidth by selecting or omitting events based on any key characteristics, such as:

  • Event Type
  • User ID
  • IP Address
  • Time and Day of Week

Integrate with Enterprise Tools

Virtually any leading SIEM solution can process the syslog messages that Powertech SIEM Agent sends out, including Splunk, QRadar, ArcSight, and Event Manager. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Monitor as many events as you choose, including user-defined events.

Audit Journal Events

Powertech SIEM Agent captures audit journal events from the IBM i security audit journal, QAUDJRN. Some of the common event types are:

  • Authentication failures (failed sign-ons)
  • Authority failures and authority modification
  • Command execution
  • Job starts, stops, and modification
  • Object modification, reads, creation, and deletion
  • System value modification
  • User profile creation and modification
  • PFT operations

Network Transactions

Monitor network security events logged by Powertech Exit Point Manager:

  • 33 remote-access servers, including FTP, ODBC, Remote Command
  • 180+ functions
  • Accepted and rejected transactions

Privileged Users

Keep tabs on privileged users with profile swap activity logged by Powertech Authority Broker:

  • When a profile swap starts and ends
  • Reason for the swap
  • Firecall swaps
  • Invalid swap attempts

Critical Operating System Messages

Powertech SIEM Agent can monitor any system message and includes more than 100 predefined message templates for important system messages, such as:

  • Disabled Profiles
  • Disk Space Limit Exceeded
  • Audit Journal Changes

Powertech SIEM Agent provides real-time notification from IBM i. Don’t use an inadequate solution that requires a batch file transfer, or worse, allow events to occur undetected.

If you do not currently operate a commercial-grade SIEM—or would benefit from segmenting IBM i sourced events into their own resource—Fortra now offers a free version of Event Manager to meet your multi-operating system alerting needs.



  • Security event monitoring  
  • Real-time notifications 
  • Easy-to-understand explanations  
  • Event filtering  
  • SIEM integration 
  • Multiple export options


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher


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