Migrate, Run, and Recover IBM i Applications in the Cloud

Migrate, Run, and Recover IBM i Applications in the Cloud


Businesses in every industry are under increasing pressure to modernize their mission-critical workloads. What’s more, these updates to core infrastructure and architecture need to be carried out with minimal downtime to avoid loss. There has never been a cloud solution that uniquely supports migrating and running IBM i applications in the public cloud with high availability and disaster recovery. Until now.

With Robot HA and Skytap Cloud, you can migrate and then modernize at your own pace rather than having to completely rewrite and relaunch your infrastructure, processes, and architecture.

Accelerate Migration, Begin Modernization

In order to future-proof the applications that power your business, Fortra and Skytap have partnered to deliver fast data migration, replication and high availability with one integrated configuration. Together, we accelerate migration so you can quickly run highly available IBM i applications in the cloud. Once in Skytap, you can accelerate your IBM i application modernization by enabling modern software development life cycle (SDLC) practices and integrating new cloud-native features to allow for future scalability, agility, and innovation

Achieve High Availability, Be Ready for Disaster Recovery

Software-based replication is flexible and affordable, allowing you to recover more quickly from system failures. Robot HA and Skytap can cut recovery time down to minutes by making a fast, unplanned switch to a target system (VM) in the cloud.

The challenge for any IBM i customer is how to move data to the cloud with little or no impact to on-prem, day-to-day operations. Robot HA with Skytap Cloud helps to transmit and keep data synchronized between your on-prem data center and the cloud. This powerful combination provides affordable and flexible migrations, so you can practice switching from on-prem to the cloud on your business schedule.

—Tom Huntington, Executive VP, Technical Solutions, Fortra

Availability Is a Top Concern and Development on IBM i Is Evolving

According to the 2019 IBM i Marketplace Survey, the need for uptime and availability are at an all-time high and implementing HA technology is a top concern for IBM i organizations.

  • 57% of IBM i Shops Prioritize High Availability
  • 75% of respondents now use open source development tools

About Robot HA

Owned and developed by Fortra, Robot HA is used by hundreds of organizations to safely replicate IBM i business data in the cloud. Customer benefits realized by Robot HA:

  • Data replication in real time
  • Near-zero downtime for system failures
  • Self-monitoring and self-healing environments
  • When used with Skytap, Robot HA delivers HA/DR in the cloud (DRaaS)

About Skytap

Founded in 2006, hundreds of enterprises globally now rely on Skytap to migrate and modernize their core business applications. Customer benefits realized by Skytap:

  • Disruption-free migration in less than 50 days
  • Reduces provisioning time for test environments from 12 weeks to less than 20 minutes
  • Provisions virtual, shareable environments in less than 15 minutes
  • Reduces build and release time by 70%
  • Reduces bug reproduction time by over 50%

Looking for more?

Visit www.skytap.com or contact Fortra to get started quickly and easily with zero risk.

Robot HA on Skytap Cloud provides the compatibility and simplicity that enterprises require to move traditional applications from on-premises data centers to a multi-cloud strategy.

  • Maintain business continuity when disaster strikes
  • Synchronize data to the cloud for disaster recovery and avoid data loss
  • Implement high-speed, real-time replication of target systems in the cloud
  • Synchronize data betweentarget systems
  • Keep your application running with self-monitoring, self-healing and node swaps, even if your production environment goes down
  • Minimize infrastructure costs with software-based replication