Robot Network

Managing a network of IBM i servers is difficult enough without taking on other platforms and devices, but Robot Network makes it easy by connecting with enterprise consoles, letting all your IBM i servers communicate across the enterprise (and escalating unanswered statuses). Robot Network handles all this—devices, user applications, and Robot products—from a central location for ease of management.

With a modern web interface powered by Fortra Insite, Robot Network transforms how you monitor your network. The mobile-friendly interface features a responsive design so you can monitor your IBM i systems from anywhere on a display optimized for your device. Mobile and web users can conveniently customize dashboards, respond to messages, or acknowledge escalation status issues.

Your Robot Data in One Place

Product Masters in Robot products provide automation standardization for systems management areas across your IBM i environment, including jobs, calendars, and other job stream setup instructions; message handling instructions; resource monitoring criteria, and consolidated audit reports.

Robot Network even consolidates the performance data for Robot products. When an event occurs that someone should know about, the affected Robot product creates a status record and sends it to the IBM i host. You respond only to items that need a response.

Complete Network Control

IBM i is the most reliable platform in the world, so it’s a natural choice for enterprise monitoring. Robot Network uses SNMP traps to talk with enterprise monitoring solutions from BMC, IBM Tivoli, and HP, or combines with Robot Trapper and Robot Console to collect and consolidate SNMP traps from your other servers and network devices.

If your environment has cross-system dependencies, Robot Network also gives you cross-system reactivity and centralized scheduling when used in combination with Robot Schedule. Add Robot Console on each partition and have your messages redirected to the Robot Network central Status Center.

Centralized Management

Managing your network by exception means seeing only the issues you need to see, when you need to see them. The Robot Network Status Center gives you that control. Monitor and respond to issues or escalate them to an expert in a variety of formats. Extend your management with central monitoring of issues assigned to you. In the “My Waiting Statuses” tab, you can find details about messages, add notes, and unassign, reassign, and reply to statuses.

Combine the Status Center and the Map Center, which displays your entire data center in a single window, and Robot Network gives you complete visual control of your partitions. It also provides central exception notification and control for your entire IBM i network, Robot products, and other applications.

In addition, when combined with Robot Schedule Enterprise for multi-platform scheduling, you’ll also receive notification if one of your Windows, UNIX, or Linux servers becomes unavailable for a critical job stream or task.



  • Mobile access
  • Graphical user interface
  • Performance Center
  • Status Center
  • Map Center
  • Robot product metrics dashboard
  • Drill-down tabs
  • Customizable performance dashboards
  • Performance thresholds
  • Exception notification


  • 2-way SNMP to enterprise monitors
  • User-defined escalation programs
  • Robot Alert for SNMP email, text, and other protocols


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher




The Status Center consolidates exceptions across your IBM i network. It's easy to filter preferred systems or metrics, view extended details, and manage multiple statuses on the web.

Performance Monitoring Across IBM i

The importance of system performance can’t be understated. That priority only increases for IBM i, where you run your most critical applications. To keep control of that system—its performance metrics, exception notifications, and integrated automation tools— you need a solution with centralized control backed by industryleading automation.

Robot Network helps you take IBM i to the next level with consolidated automation and monitoring. The Performance Center makes it easy to confirm the health of your IBM i environment with current and historical information in summaries and drill-down tabs. It also provides charts, graphs, and reports on over 40 metrics including CPU usage, system ASP usage, and database and non-database faults. You can create multiple threshold levels for these metrics and receive notification if they’re exceeded.


View custom dashboards showing faults, unassigned statuses performance metrics, color-coded thresholds, and more from any browser or mobile device.

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