Robot Replay

Control for Complex Job Streams and Interactive Processes

When it comes to interactive job management, you really have three alternatives: you can keep repeating your current interactive processes, you can make the investment to rewrite your code, or you can automate the process. Teaming Robot Schedule with Robot Replay gives you highly effective interactive job automation capabilities to optimize your IBM i and opens new opportunities by redirecting staff to focus on more productive and profitable tasks.

Automate IBM i Interactive Applications

Working in harmony with Robot Schedule, Robot Replay lets you automate interactive processes with speed and ease. What used to require one of your staff members hours to re-program can be captured once with Robot Replay and then implemented and adjusted for new processes.

Robot Replay objects can be integrated into reactive and group job streams to combine interactive processes with batch. Robot Schedule watches the process to make sure all steps are monitored and recorded. Your team will be in control of even the most complicated job streams across multiple IBM i servers and those laborintensive green screen applications. You can even automate FTP.

Just place Robot Replay in learn mode and enter the values you need to run your interactive programs. As you work, Robot Replay records the screen images along with the information you enter (including variable information) on each screen and stores the images and information as an object.

Each object represents an interactive process that’s been recorded and is ready to be executed with a Robot Schedule job.

Automate Dynamic Information

With Robot Replay, there’s no need to rewrite your job application to accommodate scheduling. Now, even your non-technical users can automate interactive processes across your entire IBM i environment.

Robot Replay mimics your exact actions—keystroke by keystroke and screen by screen—in a virtual interactive session. Plus, you can automate dynamic information by entering a reserved command variable name in a field on a recorded screen. At run time, Robot Replay substitutes the correct value. This essentially mimics your operator entering today’s date or end-of-month values.

With the ability to copy and rename objects with new interactive values, you gain process productivity and accuracy. For example:

  • Use variable dates and times to quickly generate reports
  • Convert daily processes into weekly or monthly versions by simply adding new variables
  • Automate your interactive file transfer process


Each step in your interactive process has been captured, recorded, and automated with Robot Replay.


  • Automate interactive applications
  • Record interactive processes
  • Capture FTP and CFGTCP menu operations
  • Automate field input


  • Schedule interactive jobs using Robot Schedule
  • Centrally manage interactive jobs across your IBM i network with Robot Network
  • Receive notification when important jobs end abnormally with Robot Alert


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher


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Robot Replay automates interactive jobs, including FTP processes. Use it to create Replay objects that mimic interactive processes—processes that you can execute automatically and unattended using Robot Schedule.
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