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Robot Save


Automated Backup, Recovery, and Encryption for IBM i

While backup and recovery tasks are often routine, they are also complicated to properly configure and track and, as a result, take precious man-hours. Robot Save automates that process, saving you both time and money while making the process more secure and reliable.

Simple Backups Across IBM i

Use the same techniques and procedures to define all your data backups: libraries, objects, documents, Domino, and your IFS. The procedures describe everything you need for recurring backups, including custom media management procedures that eliminate errors. Robot Save also works with IBM automated media library (AML) systems and virtual tape libraries (VTLs) to let you run backups completely unattended.

Smarter Compliance Planning

By giving you a structured way to back up data, Robot Save helps you comply with SOX, GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and other requirements and makes it easier for auditors to verify the location of backup media. Robot Save includes a comprehensive set of reports that document setup configuration, recovery procedures, and media volume information.

Secure Backups

Robot Save encrypts data as it’s saved to tape, making your backup tapes as secure as your system. You specify what to encrypt—libraries, individual objects, IFS directories or objects, or Domino databases—and the encryption process becomes part of your overall backup strategy. Robot Save tracks the encryption key usage so restoration of encrypted data is transparent to the end user.

Detailed, Guided Archives

Restore your system with the touch of one function key. Guided Restoration in Robot Save helps you restore libraries efficiently to avoid unneeded tape mounts and rewinds. Object Archive helps you restore prior versions of libraries, database files, source members, documents, programs, IFS files, or Domino databases. To execute, just locate the right version—Robot Save tells you which tape to mount and performs the restoration automatically.

Flexible IFS Backups

One-size-fits-all backups don’t work on the IFS, but Robot Save does. Back up your entire IFS, or only the directories you need; back up only the data you need for critical applications, like SAP or EnterpriseOne, or for all of them. And when you need to restore data, Robot Save offers the same flexibility and speed.

Central Scratch Pool

Robot Save lets you manage multiple systems across your IBM i data center by routing information on volume usage to all systems, which gives you a centralized scratch pool, tape catalog, and reporting of tape usage.


  • Automated backups
  • Data encryption
  • Tape and media library management
  • Unattended restricted state saves
  • Documented backup procedure
  • Flexible IFS backups
  • Object Archive for easy recovery
  • Guided Restoration
  • Data Center Management System


  • Schedule backups and tape management procedures so they run unattended and error-free with Robot Schedule
  • Receive alerts when the system needs attention, even during restricted state operations, with Robot Alert
  • Back up archived reports with Robot Reports


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher


Let’s Get Started

Seeing Robot Save in action will help you determine how automated IBM i backups and documentation to prove your backup strategy was current, effective, and accurately implemented will come in handy when disaster strikes.