Robot Schedule Interface to SAP


Dynamic SAP Job Scheduling on IBM i

Your company sets performance goals, but processing errors, missed service-level agreements (SLAs), and compliance headaches plague you. Too often, these problems result from human error. Fortunately, software solutions like Robot Schedule and its interface to SAP allow you to automate complex scheduling tasks to ensure your jobs run on time and error free.

Mobile Job Schedule Management

Robot Schedule transforms the way you manage your job schedule. The mobile-ready web interface features a responsive design that allows you to monitor your job schedule activity from anywhere on a display optimized for your preferred device. Mobile and web users can conveniently hold or start jobs, define dashboards and critical jobs lists, and view job logs, QHST, schedule activity, and live job flow diagrams so business can continue without interruption, even when you’re on the go.

Automate Business Processes

Robot Schedule lets you automate jobs and processes that aren’t simply time-based. For example, you might need to run a report process after you’ve received the latest sales figures for the day. Or you might want your backup to run when a specific tape device becomes available. Either way, Robot Schedule handles it automatically. You can schedule up to ten SAP processes in a single RBTRUNSAP command, up to 999 commands in a single Robot Schedule job.

Schedule Across Platforms

Use Robot Schedule to run all of your SAP jobs whether SAP is installed on an IBM i, Windows, UNIX, or Linux platform. Regardless of where SAP resides, Robot Schedule can combine with Robot Schedule Enterprise to provide event-driven scheduling and cross-system reactivity for dependent jobs.


Options for event-driven and calendar-based scheduling give you more precision and flexibility.

Robust Scheduling Options

For greater flexibility, Robot Schedule gives you numerous timebased scheduling options. You can select from more than 25 scheduling parameters, such as day of the week, to handle any job schedule. For example, you can schedule your SAP jobs by date, time interval, or exception. Just enter your jobs and specify when they should run.

Event-driven scheduling takes automation beyond calendars. Your schedule runs automatically based on events completing— the completion of Event A triggers the start of Event B. This makes your schedule more efficient because you don’t have to build in large gaps of time to allow for late-running or slow-starting jobs.

You can even monitor changes to IFS and native files, IFS directories, and physical file members, and include them as prerequisites in job streams. No need to manually watch for a file to arrive before running your SAP batch process!


Robot Schedule reactive jobs.

Secure Data and Remain Compliant

The Robot Schedule audit log helps you comply with HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and other requirements. The audit log records who created a new job, who changed the job setup or commands, or who forced a job to run outside its scheduled time.

Robot Schedule includes ready-to-use reports for all data security standards. Robot Schedule’s internal security also goes beyond IBM i security to help you control user access to specific functions, data, and Robot Schedule or SAP jobs.

Robot Schedule supports comprehensive scheduling rules and can use Robot Alert to notify you about failures.

Meet Your SLAs

Robot Schedule’s job monitors help ensure that you’ll meet your service-level agreements. You can specify what Robot Schedule should do in case an SAP job runs too long, completes too quickly, or starts late. You can end the job or send a message to a queue.

When you’ve agreed to provide a certain service level, the Robot Schedule interface to SAP helps you keep your word. Add Robot Alert to receive notification of problems via text, email, or SNMP trap, and escalate to Robot Network. You can also use Robot Alert to automatically send a message to an SAP professional when critical events occur.


  • Automated SAP BAPI processes
  • Event-driven scheduling on IBM i for SAP and other critical processes
  • Job performance monitors
  • Consolidated scheduling


  • Establish dependencies on Windows, UNIX, and Linux with Robot Schedule Enterprise
  • Receive notification when important jobs end abnormally with Robot Alert


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher


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