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Robot Space


Bring Automation and Analysis to Your IBM i Disk Space Administration


Never worry about losing control of disk space again. Robot Space automatically monitors and graphically displays your ASPs, IASPs, libraries, IFS objects, and active job temporary storage levels. It also reports on disk space usage automatically, saving staff from investigating or logging for compliance reports.

Predict, Don’t React


With PowerHA on the rise, independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs) are becoming more prevalent. Robot Space gives you the power to monitor the growth of storage pools and temporary storage used by active jobs, QTEMP libraries, and spooled files, protecting against system crashes and downtime. Plus, you always know which jobs are eating up space. Robot Space also predicts your future disk space requirements based on historical data, making it easier for you to plan and budget.

Increase Performance and Eliminate Waste


Using predefined thresholds for job temporary storage, QTEMP library, and spooled file storage, Robot Space notifies you when they are met via text, email, or connected Robot applications. If a job is growing out of control, it allows you to hold or end it automatically. As a result, you never have to worry about a devastating system crash or waste of your disk space.

Display object growth history and trend graphs using your collected statistics.

Avoid Needless Upgrades


Robot Space eliminates wasted space before it happens. By cleaning up clogged message queues and by running cleanup tasks to delete:

  • Unused save files
  • Unused IFS objects
  • Old journal receivers
  • List duplicates
  • Damaged objects

Robot Space makes sure your disk drive use stays at a normal, stable state and avoids the spikes that force impromptu disk space research, upgrades, or worse, unplanned downtime.

Summary Graphs by Owner help you watch growth and keep accountable servers.

Know Who Is Doing What


Unmonitored servers are, ultimately, unaccountable servers. As a matter of security, efficient operations, and sound business planning, Robot Space lets you know who is using what on IBM i and, with collection statistics, lets you investigate to the object level what is happening. You also can compare library and object collection to see growth between intervals.

Critical Storage Investigator


The Critical Storage Investigator (CSI) is a problem-solving tool that helps you quickly find disk storage problems by using a logical progression. It displays real-time ASP and IASP storage, detailed ASP and IASP growth history, ASP and IASP threshold history, active job storage history, and the active job status. You can assess your current storage status at a glance or, if necessary, drill down deeper to see precisely when and why storage thresholds were exceeded.

The Critical Storage Investigator (CSI) helps you quickly identify who or what is taking up your disk space.

Let’s Get Started

Seeing Robot Space in action will help you determine how pro-actively managing your disk space can help you avoid outages caused by storage spikes and reclaim disk space you already own before investing in additional hardware.


  • Graphical analysis
  • ASP and IASP monitoring
  • Temporary jobs monitoring
  • QTEMP monitoring
  • Spooled file monitoring
  • Object growth tracking
  • Storage reports
  • Critical Storage Investigator


  • Schedule automatic storage cleanup tasks with Robot Schedule
  • Receive notification of critical storage conditions on your mobile device with Robot Alert
  • Centrally manage disk space across IBM i systems and partitions with Robot Network


  • IBM i 7.2 or higher