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The IT processes that power today’s businesses are increasingly complex and time-consuming—and they must run continuously. Since downtime puts your business at a disadvantage, attempting to manage critical systems and applications manually simply isn’t sustainable any more. Automation puts control back in your hands. With the right IT operations management and infrastructure monitoring tools in place, your IT team can give your business the competitive edge by streamlining processes, improving scalability, and staying a step ahead of performance issues.

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Managing a data center is never easy—there are staffing, technology, and regulatory issues to consider. With Robot monitoring, analysis, and automation software, you can position your existing IT resources for growth and keep your hardware and software running consistently. As your solution for exceptional automation, Robot services go beyond software. From automation assessments and training to exclusive research and committed product development, your investment in Robot software is as much a consulting partnership as a commercial one.

  • Robot Schedule automates IBM i job scheduling and batch management. Schedule jobs based on time patterns or in reaction to other jobs or events on any IBM i server in a network.
  • Robot Monitor provides graphical, real-time monitoring and root cause analysis for IBM i, VIOS, AIX, and Linux on Power performance issues.
  • Robot Console monitors QSYSOPR messages, notifies experts, and redirects or suppresses messages automatically.
  • Robot HA allows you to replicate data, objects, security, system values, the IFS, spooled files, and more to a target server and perform role swaps for high availability and business continuity on premises or in the cloud.
  • Robot Save automates IBM i backups, tape management, and restricted state operations and helps you restore single objects or the entire system.
  • Robot Space analyzes disk usage; collects IFS, IASP, and library information; and performs over 20 disk cleanup duties automatically.
  • Robot Network distributes operating instructions for Robot products to other IBM i systems and partitions automatically.
  • Robot Alert sends text, email, and SNMP messages in reaction to events on the system or from your programs, so operators can receive notification when your IBM i server needs assistance.
  • Robot Schedule Enterprise extends the powerful scheduling features of Robot Schedule to your Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers.
  • Robot Replay works with Robot Schedule to automate interactive job processes, including FTP, field-level input, and interactive tasks in core business applications.
  • Robot Reports automatically bursts, distributes, bundles, and archives reports. It also makes the available online for secure viewing.
  • Robot Autotune continuously monitors your IBM i and adjusts memory, activity levels, and run priorities as the workload requires.
  • Performance Navigator reads IBM performance collection data for IBM i, NMON for AIX/Linux, and other performance statistics to plan capacity and predict requirements for your next hardware upgrade.
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