Sequel Data Warehouse

Sequel Data Warehouse (powered by RODIN) is a complete integrated suite of tools to build and manage data warehouses and data mart environments.

Visual Development Environment

Sequel Data Warehouse developers enjoy a highly functional, visual integrated development environment for building and managing tables and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. The powerful visual development capabilities dramatically increase productivity and enable programmers and non-programmers to develop complex applications quickly and easily. Quickly draw lines to create relationships or mappings; drag and drop to add columns to a table or objects to an ETL definition.

Sequel Data Warehouse from HelpSystems

Data Sources:

  • IBM i
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • Other platforms
  • Text files
  • XML files
  • More



Native i OS Run-Time Environment

Sequel Data Warehouse was developed from the ground up to build and manage data warehouse and data mart environments on IBM Power Systems and iSeries systems. No special hosted environment is required. Sequel Data Warehouse is seamlessly integrated with the IBM i operating system for secure, efficient, and simple implementation. This highly integrated native environment is a key differentiator that allows Sequel Data Warehouse to outperform all other ETL tools.

Open Database Standards

Sequel Data Warehouse creates and manages DB2 for i tables, indexes, and views. No proprietary data structures are created, so you can access a Sequel Data Warehouse data repository via Sequel, Query/400, SQL, or any one of the many desktop visualization and analysis tools available.

Simplified Database Management

Sequel Data Warehouse takes the hard work out of creating and managing tables, indexes, and views. Build your database to any design: whether relational or star-schema, normalized or de-normalized. Integrated tools support bulk changes, reverse engineering of existing databases, and perform impact analysis and many other database tasks.

Comprehensive Error Management

Poor data quality is one of the major causes of failure in data warehouse projects. However, detection and management of errors can be a significant challenge. Sequel Data Warehouse solves this difficulty by providing extensive functionality to trap, report, correct, and re-process bad data, whether detected automatically or based on your own business rules.

Extensive Metadata Repository

Metadata is one of the keys to success in a data warehouse or data mart environment. It provides end users with a roadmap to the data while empowering people. Sequel Data Warehouse stores extensive technical, business, and administrative metadata for every object at many levels. Free-form text entry provides unlimited descriptive text. Publish the metadata as HTML for end user access, or export it to other tools.

Sequel Data Warehouse from HelpSystems ETL

Change Data Capture and Apply

Sequel Data Warehouse includes powerful Change Data Capture functionality that allows you to easily capture inserts, updates, and deletes from any DB2 for i table—either by comparison or via journal images. Sequel Data Warehouse CDC is highly customizable, with support for detailed and/or consolidated capture, replication, real-time or batch processing, filters, and business rules.

Powerful ETL Capabilities

Sequel Data Warehouse has an extensive array of capabilities to meet any ETL requirement:

  • Scheduled or real-time ETL
  • Easily filter and exclude unwanted source data
  • Nested conditions, including if-else and case statements
  • Extensive library of built-in functions
  • User exits and user-defined functions allow unlimited extensibility, catering to the most complex transformation needs
  • Automatic conversion of legacy date and time fields to true date or time format
  • Date and time arithmetic, day of week, day of year functions, etc.
  • Calendar functions, with support for working/non-working days
  • Surrogate key and slowly changing dimension automation
  • Output to multiple target tables in a single pass of the source data
  • Efficiently perform both inserts and updates automatically
  • Output multiple target rows from a single source row
  • Extensive audit information automatically generated and retained in metadata

Integrated Security

Sequel Data Warehouse integrates with standard IBM i security to enable full control over data access and all other functions. You can specify the owner, authorized user authorities, and use authorization lists to simplify access.

Multiple Environment Support and Unsurpassed Scalability

Multiple Sequel Data Warehouse environments can be installed on a single server to support development, testing and production environments, or data warehouse and data mart environments. Sequel Data Warehouse has also been proven to scale from the smallest server right up to the largest SMP systems available today.

Change Management and Version Control

The Sequel Data Warehouse development client includes comprehensive change management functionality to ensure proper control over the development process. Version control supports fallback to earlier versions if needed.

Event Notifications

Sequel Data Warehouse provides automatic event notification options on the operation status of the data warehouse. Enable the notifications by subscribing (via email) to many different types of events such as rejects in an ETL job or even a total load failure. Notification emails include all relevant information—including error reports and joblogs—and greatly assist investigation.

View Builder

Simplify data access by defining customized views over any number of tables or even other views using a guided view builder.

Automated Trending

Easily create data marts to perform trending on any Sequel Data Warehouse data set with automated scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

Distribute to Other Databases

After loading the central data warehouse, easily push data mart tables out to any other database, whether on an IBM i or another platform entirely. You can even perform this in real time.