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Sequel Web Interface


Sequel Web Interface (SWI) is the easiest, most cost-effective way to access and work with Sequel objects. Access your dashboards, views, reports, tables, scripts, and applications—all from a web browser. Plus, use SWI to display results, download data to your PC, print, email, and so much more. 


Access Data with Zero Footprint 

With Sequel Web Interface, there’s no need to install any software. Spread the power of Sequel throughout your organization by giving users access to the easy-to-use web interface. All your users need is a browser.

Display dashboards containing graphics, charts, and gauges

Take Your Data with You—Wherever You Go

Sequel Web Interface is a friendly, intuitive interface that gives you easy, single-click access to Sequel objects. Since SWI works from a browser, you can take your data with you wherever you go and access it on any mobile device. 

Get easy access to data from Db2 for i and remote databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and others.

Keep the Power of Sequel

Just because Sequel Web Interface doesn’t require a software installation doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. In fact, SWI gives users the benefits
of Sequel—but in a portable form. Use SWI to:

  • View vibrant data in powerful, customizable dashboards
  • Display results quickly and securely
  • Create charts and graphs on the fly
  • Download and save data in various file formats
  • Send data as email attachments
  • Perform drill-down and graphing operations on the go
  • Display, print, save, and email views, host tables, host reports, client reports, and client tables
  • Launch scripts and drill-down applications with a click
  • Calculate subtotals, averages, and counts
  • Move and hide columns and resort data

Export your IBM i data to Excel in a single step.

Secure Data Access for Your Organization 

With Sequel Web Interface, access to your Sequel objects and data is secure. You can choose to require users to log into SWI with a valid IBM i user ID and password. To further enhance security, the application will observe all IBM i object-level authority. The result is flexible, secure, and cost-effective access to your data.

Access key business data on the go.

Get Started

Ready to try Sequel Web Interface for yourself? Contact your sales rep or email [email protected] to set up your free 30-day trial.

  • Zero footprint: no software to install
  • Browser-based data access on any mobile device
  • Instant access to already created Sequel objects
  • Powerful and easy to use BI Interface
  • Secure data access
  • Datasheet PDF