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Trap Receiver


Integrate SNMP Device Monitoring and Gain Visibility into Your Diverse Environments


Trap Receiver enables you to receive and interpret incoming SNMP traps from capable devices, automatically presenting them in the format of your choice. Visual and audible options are included so you gain valuable awareness of potential issues that could impact your business and require your attention.

Closely integrated with Halcyon Enterprise Console, Trap Receiver allows you to manage SNMP traps alongside your enterprise monitoring on a mobile device. In addition, you can escalate the SNMP traps received via email or SMS at intervals that suit your needs.

Being able to monitor devices by exception reduces the notifications your support team has to manage on a daily basis. Trap Receiver allows you to feed into modern help desk packages to automatically raise tickets. You can also optionally raise an alert if an expected trap has not been received.

Trap Receiver supports any SNMP-capable network devices such as hubs, switches, and routers, as well as network servers and environmental equipment.

trap receiver

Let’s Get Started

Seeing Trap Receiver in action will help you determine how listening for devices and bringing that information in alongside system data can benefit your Halcyon monitoring processes.


  • Mobile support
  • Email and SMS alerting
  • Integrate with other enterprise monitoring
  • User-defined escalation programs
  • Centralized, graphical control