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Speed Up Invoice Processing with Accounts Payable Workflow Automation

Webdocs streamlines invoice processing by capturing invoices electronically and routing them through every step of your accounts payable (AP) workflow. From matching and GL coding to approvals and payments, Webdocs automates AP processes from beginning to end.

How It Works

Manual data entry and paper-based AP processes are full of costly inefficiencies. Webdocs helps you scan, store, and electronically route invoices through your unique accounts payable process. Invoice data such as vendor ID numbers, date, line-item descriptions, and charges are quickly captured and validated based on your business rules. Paying invoices is easy because you can automatically match POs and look for variances in quality and amount from a single web interface instead of toggling between multiple screens.

Automated Workflow Logic Streamlines PO and Non-PO Processes

Webdocs can process an invoice even if there isn't a purchase order (PO). Electronic purchase request forms are built into the approval process. AP staff no longer need to chase down managers to approval; managers are notified when their approval is requested and can approve or deny the purchase with a click of a button. Data is verified and validated before it's exported to another business system.

Integration Made Easy

The solution also allows for tight integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial systems so that GL coding, line-item details, and purchase order approvals can all be entered and verified from one screen. Webdocs integrates with virtually any ERP package, including SAP, Oracle, Infor, Miscrosoft Dynamics, Epicor, Sage, and many more. 

Implement Business Rules and Find Documents Quickly

To ensure all fields are completed correctly, Webdocs enforces strict business rules when capturing documents and data. Once captured, documents can be approved by all the right people from a single web interface. Stored documents are assigned index key data, allowing users to search for a term and immediately view all related documents. All invoices and related documents are stored as image files in the electronic document repository where they can be easily found and viewed from any web browser.

Choose the Right Level of Automation

Each company has a different way to process AP documents, including invoices and POs. Webdocs offers a wide variety of options so your organization can take a step toward automated processes, no matter how big or small that step is.

Start with the basics by scanning paper documents, routing them through your approval process, and storing the documents and index key data in Webdocs. Or, you can jump into the deep end and fully automate your accounts payable process. Ditch the paper forms and capture data with web-based forms, automatically routing through your approval process then updating information in your back-end business system. 

No matter what size of step your organization takes toward automating your AP processes, you will streamline invoice capture, increase workflow efficiencies, and print, distribute, and store less paper.



  • Scan invoices or capture data digitally with a web-based form
  • Route invoices and other documents through any workflow or approval processes
  • Process payments with PO and non-PO processes
  • Print and store less paper, reducing paper shuffle
  • Automate AP processes from beginning to end
  • Access documents from ERP or other systems from anywhere, at any time


  • Inefficient AP invoice processing
  • Manually printing and storing invoices


  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Financial systems
  • Other Fortra products


  • IBM i (iSeries, AS/400)
  • Windows

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