Webdocs Forms Management

Fortra’s Webdocs Forms Management automates data collection and electronically routes and saves forms, allowing you to get rid of paper forms and speed up data collection through web-based fillable forms.

Form data can be saved to any database, ERP, or ECM system to web-enable HR documents, expense reports, purchase orders, and other paper-based forms. Webdocs Forms Management also allows you to digitally sign forms and route them through business processes.

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Go Paperless

Webdocs Forms Management can reduce or eliminate your paper shuffle and allow you to digitally store and manage collected data from business forms, surveys, and other documents. 

Easy Access

Browser-based form enablement allows you to quickly deploy new forms as soon as they are designed. It also improves customer service and form completion rates by giving users the ability to fill out forms at their convenience. And our user interface allows you to drag and drop elements on to forms and configure without any programming.

Streamline Workflows

Webdocs Forms Management speeds up workflows by taking the collected data and saving it to ERP, ECM, and other business systems. Validate data and fields as forms are filled out so mistakes can be fixed immediately. You can also digitally sign and route forms through any business process and manage how the forms are being filled out and who is filling them out to help aide in regulatory compliance efforts.

Automated Data Capture

Any paper-based form can be turned into a self-contained data capture business process. Forms can be prepopulated from any database such as IBM i, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and more. Form data can also be written back to a database or web service after capture.

Business Logic

Business logic ensures that all data being entered into a form is not only valid, but is the exact data needed, improving accuracy and efficiency. Easily create forms
that contain business logic such as form field formatting, conditional and rule-based questions, and even prepopulating forms with data unique to the user. Database validations can also be incorporated into the business logic. Web service or program calls to any ERP application allow for seamless integration to your key ERP or other business systems.

Key Features
  • Automate data capture for any business form
  • Speed up business processes 
  • Reduce redundant data entry
  • Improve data accuracy 
  • Save money on paper-related printing, storage, and distribution
  • Enhance customer service 
Key Integrations
  • Enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs)
  • Enterprise content management systems (ECMs)
  • Line-of-Business systems (LOBs)
  • Databases like IBM i, SQL, Server, Oracle, MySQL, and more
  • Datasheet PDF


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