Manage and Monitor Business Applications | Guide

How to Effectively Manage and Monitor Your Business Applications

It’s Time to Ditch Application Downtime

Get the guide to effective business application monitoring.


The amount and varied nature of information that ERP and HA applications generate can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on your reaction times. When it comes to managing these applications, it may seem as though you are continually swimming against the tide.

You need a tried, trusted, scalable, and future-proof plan in place to ensure that your business applications are available when expected, that routine tasks have completed as scheduled, and most importantly, that any exceptions have been captured and are being handled by the appropriate resource before they impact the business.

This paper explores the management and monitoring challenges that companies face when implementing ERP and HA applications within their organization and demonstrates how, by automating complex and resource-hungry monitoring activities, you can help your business realize the full potential of its investment and remain competitive. 

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