Download "IBM i Security and Integrity Monitoring Handbook"

Data breaches increase in number and severity every year. Putting barriers in place to stop attackers is an important part of any data protection plan, but barriers alone aren’t enough.

Today’s top IT profressionals know that verifying the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls is critical. After all, most breaches go months before they’re discovered.

Monitoring your security and regularly checking the integrity of your IBM i data and server gives you the ability to identify suspicious activity and respond quickly—before the damage is done.

This handbook is full of insights that will help your IT team implement security and integrity monitoring for IBM i. Read on to learn:

  • The first step for any security and integrity monitoring project
  • How to implement file integrity monitoring on IBM i
  • Ways to track changes to your IBM i database
  • Who poses the biggest threat to the integrity of your IBM i systems