Download "Managing Privileged Users on IBM i"


A reliance on commands leaves IBM i uniquely vulnerable when server commands are not properly secured.

For that reason, best practices and modern compliance mandates require IBM i server commands to be restricted on an as-needed basis to ensure server and application integrity. This guide exposes some little-known risks associated with IBM i command privileges and provides expert recommendations for managing command access. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • Which users can run commands (it's not as simple as you might think!)
  • Why so many users can get around limit capability settings
  • How to control users' ability to execute commands through interfaces like FTP
  • 2 different approaches to reducing the number of privileged users on your systems
  • How to audit "invisible" commands

 This guide is packed with practical tips, a list of dangerous and hard-to-audit commands, and step-by-step instructions for starting a privileged account management process. Fill out the form to get instant access!