Your Must-Have Guide to Modernizing Form and Document Creation

Documents drive business...

but manual document creation processes put your business in the slow lane.


Invoices. Manufacturing orders. Customer statements. These are just a few of the documents that businesses like yours need to create on a daily basis. But too many organizations still rely on outdated processes to create these documents.

There’s pre-printed forms, which are costly (expensive paper stock), wasteful (updates require printing on a fresh set of forms), and complicated (manual steps are required to produce a document). Some organizations have turned to older forms software, but that often involves just as much paper and manual effort as pre-printed forms did.

Today’s organizations need to modernize form and document creation with smarter technology. They need to leave the paper in the past, automate manual processes, and deliver forms and documents in whichever format they are needed.

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  • Why manual document creation is a problem
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Find out why it’s time to move into the fast lane with smarter form and document creation.