Environmental Hazards to Peak Performance

No matter if a problem starts on IBM i or the network, when there’s an issue, users blame IT.

Expose and identify issues early so the right team can solve them without lengthy (and costly) investigation.


Frustrated users who are delayed in their work have no way to pinpoint the issue, so often any lag to productivity is initially deemed an issue for Operators to resolve. In the case where these may actually be network issues, a bitter blame game can ensue with both Operations and Network teams pitted against one another as they each dig up proof that the problem is not theirs. As this lengthy elimination process is carried out, the users are still waiting and productivity and profitability still suffers.

As an Operator, it may not be your fault that the IOP’s were incorrectly configured by an engineer, or that a user has sent a huge file that has had a knock-on effect on the network traffic, or the TCP Ping has fallen over and severed data communications between users and the server.

None of it may be your fault, but with immediate visibility to these issues, solving these types of problems becomes a fast and pain free experience.

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