Which IBM i Data Access Tool is Right for You?

Easily compare Sequel Data Access and Query/400 with this comprehensive feature checklist.

Data access software is essential today to both technical users—like your IT team—and business users—like everyone else.

Query/400 has long been the go-to for IBM i data access. It’s been around for over 30 years, but the tool hasn’t advanced with changes in technology. That’s where modern data access tools like Sequel have the advantage.

But how do you really know which data access tool is right for you?

Use this interactive checklist to compare Sequel Data Access with Query/400.

IT managers, analysts, and programmers at organizations of all sizes trust Sequel for speedy, secure access to data—and reliable insight for their business users.

In this checklist, you’ll explore the basic, intermediate, and advanced data access features offered by Sequel and Query/400. Evaluate the features that matter most to you and make an informed decision for your organization’s data access future.

I’m convinced there’s nothing we can’t do with Sequel—it’s very cool.

Carl Novit, Vice President and Co-Owner, FRS