Download "How to Securely Deploy Access Client Solutions (ACS) for IBM i"


IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is the newest member of the IBM i Access family, replacing the IBM i Access for Windows client.

ACS runs on most operating systems supporting Java. Because ACS uses different technology and deployment approach than IBM i Access for Windows, the considerations for securely deploying ACS are different than IBM i Access for Windows.

Some of the considerations for ACS are:

  • The product is readily available for download by anyone with an IBM ID.
  • The components selected during the install do not control the functions that can be available to the user (desktop install).
  • Users can change the configuration file to access more ACS functions than initially configured.
  • The product can be updated without a traditional Windows install.
  • ACS can be deployed to a network server allowing a single install image to be leveraged by multiple users.

Download this guide for expert guidance on addressing the security concerns related to ACS deployment in the Windows environment.