Download "The Complete Guide to Securing IBM i Exit Points"



Exit points and exit programs aren’t new concepts, but we get more questions about them than any other topic related to IBM i security. Most people who work with IBM i have heard of them but aren’t sure if they need to use them.

This guide is designed to equip IBM i pros with information about what exit points are and how exit programs work, along with their impact on your security posture.

One common misunderstanding with exit points is that application security or menu security is going to prevent users from connecting to IBM i through services like FTP and ODBC.

In reality, most of those interfaces actually sidestep the menu, sidestep application security, and allow users to access the database directly.

Download this guide for more information on:

  • Why menu security alone falls short
  • How object-level security affects exit points
  • Use cases for exit programs
  • Determining if you already have exit programs on your server
  • Your options for implementing exit programs

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