Fortra’s 2024 IBM i Education Week

The content of this educational virtual event is inspired by the unique findings that our IBM i experts have gathered from countless conversations with customers and the performance of industry-leading research such as the 2024 IBM i Marketplace Survey.   

In other words – if it’s top of mind for today’s IBM i professionals – you can learn more about it by attending this virtual event.  

Our IBM i experts go in depth on IBM i’s hottest topics and all the different ways that you can steer your IBM i to success in today’s landscape.  


Education Week: Day 1

IBM i Skills, HA/DR Options, and Automation

With the shortage of IT professionals across all industries, understanding how to efficiently manage your IBM i is more essential than ever. Tom Huntington, Chuck Losinski, and Brian Nordland provide helpful tips and tricks for maintaining a well-run IBM i that requires less work and oversight on the part of IT. They also discuss why automation is trending upward in the IBM i Marketplace Survey and how you can jumpstart your automation projects.




Education Week: Day 2

IBM i Security

For an IBM i security strategy to be effective, it must have multiple layers. In this session, IBM i security experts Sandi Moore, Amy Williams, and Chuck Losinski discuss what additional layers can be added to your IBM i security strategy, how they can be implemented, and how they have contributed to the security success of real organizations. They also provide a demonstration of how each of the IBM i security layers contribute to the overall security posture and how they complement one another.



Education Week: Day 3

IBM i Modernization: Business Intelligence, AI, and Document Management

Document management and business intelligence expert Greg Schmidt discusses how to build a strategy that allows you to access the data you need and convert it to your preferred format, to maintain a centralized and secure document repository, and to streamline compliance and regulatory efforts. Guest speaker Brian May of Profound Logic also offers some insight into how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to assist IBM i modernization efforts.