Simplify PowerHA Hardware Replication with POWER9

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How do POWER9 and PowerHA fit together?

In this recorded webinar, experts from IBM and Fortra introduce you to the new POWER9 technology, especially as it relates to PowerHA hardware replication and storage area networks (SAN).

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  • Insight on the POWER9 hardware that supports PowerHA
  • Better understanding of the PowerHA family
  • Live demo of PowerHA Cluster setup and role swap

You’ll leave with a better understanding of the many ways that hardware replication can help IBM Power Systems customers in failover situations.

Meet Your Hosts

Left Column
Simon Porstendorfer

Simon Porstendorfer, IBM

Offering Manager Scale Out,
Power Systems

Middle Column

Tom Huntington, Fortra

Executive Vice President
of Technical Solutions

Right Column

Brian Nordland, HelpSystems

Software Engineer