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The Challenge: Keep Classified Information Secure

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Government organizations are posed with a formidable challenge. They need to keep classified information secure and simplify their processes—while balancing the budget. The problem is, it’s not easy to do all three.

Top priority for government is making sure classified information stays confidential. But that can be tricky when paper documents are involved. Filing cabinets don’t give you peace of mind when it comes to security. Plus, there’s the cyberterrorist and hacker risk that comes with electronic documents. Unless you have the right document management system, even your electronic documents could be infiltrated.

Your governmental organization also needs to be transparent—or risk the wrath of the taxpayers. But transparency is difficult to achieve with paper-based and manual routing processes. Routing paper documents compromises visibility. A document could be misplaced, lost, or stolen—and you’d be left at a loss. Will your superiors simply accept that excuse?

On top of that, if you’re working in government, you’re expected to be efficient. But it’s difficult to be efficient with manual processes, paper documents, and filing cabinets. Manual routing, scanning, copying, delivering, and filing consumes employee time (and racks up costs).

This all adds up to a government organization struggling to meet the challenge ahead. Your organization deserves better: an electronic document management system that keeps classified information secure, offers transparency, and promotes efficiency. And Fortra document management solutions can help.

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I’d used the other large document management systems when I worked in law firms, but they were too expensive. What’s more, they were too inflexible and couldn’t be modified to meet our needs.

Michael McConnell, Chairman, IEERB

Meet the Highest Standards—and Taxpayer Expectations

Say goodbye to vulnerable documents, difficulty with transparency, and inefficiency. A document management solution for government will help you meet your goals (and keep the budget intact).

Keep Documents Secure

Get much needed security for your documents. The right document management for government focuses on keeping documents in the hands of authorized users—and out of the hands of everyone else. Here’s how it works. Advanced security controls monitor user authority for viewing and modifying documents. Documents will no longer be susceptible to deletion. Hackers and cyberterrorists will be kept out, and your documents will be safe

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