Retail Document Management

Deliver a top-notch customer experience and keep your retail stores on track with a document management solution.

Survival of the Fittest Retailer

Retail document management improve employee and customer experience

Delivering the best possible customer experience drives success in the retail industry. And being able to get your customer what they need in a timely manner is key to a good customer experience. When paper is involved in your processes, it causes delays, frustrating both customer and employee. You still need reports, invoices, receipts, and contracts, but paper processes are unwieldy and time-consuming. 

You have to match your paper documents to your back-end system. Filing documents takes forever, and retrieval isn't always simple. Reporting processes drag when paper is involved. And you have to have contracts to be able to get the products your customers want from suppliers. But paper isn't secure, and it's not easily available.

Retailers need to take paper out of their processes in order to manage documents efficiently and keep everything secure. Retail document management with Fortra solutions make going paperless easy, and you’ll find serious savings

Do your processes need help?

We noticed that some stores were running at $10,000 a year for contract services, while other stores were running at $5,000. We sent an e‐mail to all regional managers and had them investigate why there were differences. Hyperlinks in the general ledgers allowed the regional managers to view the relevant invoices in the document management system. As a result of doing this investigation we saved $250,000.

Mark Gregory, CFO, Carisch Feeds

Your Next Best Business Decision

Customer happiness is necessary for retail success. An electronic document management solution can help you ensure customers are happy, your processes are flawless, and employees are efficient.

Capture That “John Hancock” Without the Hassle

Make your signature capture process seamless for customers and employees alike. The right retail document management solution eliminates the need for paper in receipt and invoice processes. Instead, the customer can sign electronically—without the waiting time. You’ll capture signatures faster, so your customers can enjoy their goods sooner and employees can move on to the next task. 

Standard Practices at Every Store

As you expand into more retail stores around the world, it can be difficult to ensure that processes are carried out the same way at every location. Different stores might follow different processes for the same exact task. The right retail document management solution will help you standardize. You’ll be able to ensure every store carries out the same processes the same way. Plus, it can help you find additional savings, which leads to fast ROI on your solution.  

Manage Documents Effectively and Efficiently

It shouldn’t be difficult to find any of your retail documents. With a document management solution, it’s much easier to retrieve documents. Everything—receipts, invoices, reports, contracts—are captured electronically. Related documents are appropriately stored, too. All you (and your employees) need to do is run a quick search to locate the document(s) in question.

Keep Track of Every Order

With online and in-store retail offerings, it can be difficult for you to track every order effectively. With a retail document management solution, it’s easy. All orders—online or in-store—will be saved into one central system. You can even integrate it with your business systems (enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, etc.). Every order—and every customer—will be managed effectively. 

Automate Reporting Processes

To gain insight into consumer trends, your retail operation needs reports. Creating them manually and from documentation stored across disparate systems is a challenge. Electronic document management will help you meet the challenge by automating the production and delivery of reports. The time that your company previously spent on manually putting together and delivering reports can then be allocated to more important tasks, like assessing the reports and improving the customer experience.

Manage Employees Efficiently

As your organization grows, you may need to consider a new way to manage employee records. With document management for retail, you can help your human resources department keep track of all employees from one spot—and standardize onboarding processes. 

Find a Better Way to Manage Your Retail Documents

Find out how retail document management solutions will help your business. In your free, personalized consultation, we’ll discuss your processes for managing retail documents. Then, we’ll help you take the next step to standardize and automate those processes.