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Does proactive monitoring really matter?

You bet. On average, businesses are losing $5,600 for every minute of unplanned network downtime (Gartner). That’s well over $300K every hour. How long does it take your IT team to find and fix issues?

The issue that grinds your business to a halt could be on the network or buried in an application log. It could be a problem with performance, a file event, or a job resource. Proactive monitoring catches issues in their early stages, cuts investigation time, and keeps your IT team one step ahead of your customers. 

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Our two-part ROI guide and ROI calculator worksheet help you make a business case for automated system and performance monitoring. It provides a cost-benefit analysis of an automated monitoring solution and includes an interactive calculator so you can present your financial justification more effectively.

Fortra has been helping IT professionals monitor for more than 30 years. Now it's your turn.

Most companies find that automated system and performance monitoring pays for itself within 18 months. Measurable reductions and improvements have been reported in:

Operator and developer time

Staff sickness and turnover

Downtime and slow time

Human errors

SLA penalties

Opportunity costs

Business process automation

[Fortra] products give us simplified, accurate, and dependable monitoring tailored to our business. Knowing I have these automated systems working for us allows me to get more done and gives me great peace of mind.

Doug Powell, Infrastructure Engineer IV, Medical Mutual

IT Infrastructure Monitoring at Fortra

Fortra has the right solution to help you stay a step ahead of end users and reduce the cost and amount of downtime by spotting and solving system, application, and network issues fast.