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Maximize the Value of Your IBM i System

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Easy Access to Your IBM i Data

Surveyor/400 allows I.T. personnel and end-users to easily work with IBM i data, files, libraries, objects, and reports from within a graphical desktop interface. Powerful security and audit features are included in Surveyor/400 to provide complete control over user activity within the product.

A wide variety of users can take advantage of the benefits of Surveyor/400. With its extensive built-in security, you have the control over which features, libraries, files, fields and records are available for each individual user.

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Lightweight Interface with Optimum Performance

For the average IBM i user, speed and responsiveness is important for the completion of daily job responsibilities. That’s why Surveyor/400 is designed to be fast. IBM i APIs and stored procedures are utilized to provide optimum response times and the solution’s graphical components don’t consume interactive CPW, letting you maneuver through your IBM i information with ease.

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Beneficial Features for All Users

I.T. developers, administrators, operators, analysts, DBAs, and end-users can all benefit from Surveyor/400’s numerous functions and capabilities. Daily responsibilities are performed from a point-and-click graphical interface installed on their workspace, and IBM i data can be quickly queried, downloaded, and printed without using the keyboard. The product is also easy to learn: it usually takes 60 minutes or less to become proficient.

Surveyor/400 has almost doubled our efficiency. Projects that used to take 5 minutes with our ‘green screen’ file editor are now completed in 3 minutes with Surveyor/400. The straightforward graphical interface made our users immediately productive.

Jim Telford, Architect, InfoUSA

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Case Study


Ad hoc queries and reports are the bane of many IT departments. See how Victaulic makes short work of their ad hoc queries with Surveyor/400.

Headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, Victaulic operates 15 manufacturing facilities and 28 branches with over 3,600 employees worldwide. When they needed to meet a significant number of user data query requests without putting undue burden on their IT department, they turned to Surveyor/400.

Brian Due, IT Enterprise Systems Manager at Victaulic, used the solution to make the department more productive. “I know if I didn’t have Surveyor/400, I’d have to hire one person to do nothing but ad hoc programming for queries,” he said. “It’s hard for me to quantify the benefits we receive because it’s become part of our daily life. But I know that we’d have to hire more people without it.”

Read the full Victaulic case study.

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