IBM i Cloud Migration Bundle

Migrating your IBM i to the cloud is no small feat. Let our tools and expertise make the transition as smooth as possible.

What Is Fortra's IBM i Cloud Migration Bundle?


The increasing IBM i skills gap and the desire to eliminate the costs of operating a data center continue to encourage IBM i customers to begin their cloud journey. Migrating IBM Power workloads is a multifaceted process in which many IT teams have little to no experience performing. Our cloud migration bundle offers you the tools as well as the personnel necessary to successfully migrate to the cloud – including  planning for migration (sizing and previewing workloads), maintaining backups during and after migration, streamlining you file transfers, and ongoing support from our experts.


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IBM i Cloud Migration Considerations and How the Bundle Addresses Them

Maintaining Backups During and After Migration

Having a plan in place for how you will perform backups during and after migration to the cloud is crucial. Our bundle offers a high availability solution that assists in creating a smooth and secure transition to the cloud by streamlining business continuity between your organization and its infrastructure.

Testing Your Digital Footprint

There could be a number of technologies that you’ve been running on-prem that will operate differently or not at all in the cloud. The cloud is an entirely different setting, and you will have to make adjustments to your digital footprint if you want your IBM i to continue running the same way. Our bundle uses performance analysis technology to discover your IBM i characteristics and determine their fit within whatever cloud-exclusive or hybrid environment you’re planning.

Transferring Files

While hosting your IBM i on the cloud, your organization will require a solution that facilitates quick, secure, and easy backup file transfers between your on-prem infrastructure and the cloud. Our solution is a robust accelerated backup file transfer software solution that supports client/server architecture, enabling the fast transfer of large backup files.

Performing Accurate System Sizing

Sizing your systems allows you to estimate cloud costs and establish a baseline for making capacity predictions. Our solution helps you visualize Collection Services data in relation to your workload, whether that is a single VM (partition), server, or the entire enterprise. It also allows you to artificially grow specific workloads to see when a specific threshold would be reached or predict when you might need to request additional funding for when you need extra cloud resources.

Mitigating Risk of Migration Hiccups

Managers may be hesitant to move their workloads to the cloud because they feel the migration process is tricky and could result in significant downtime should an unexpected error occur. With the combination of our tried and true migration tools as well as the expertise of our team, this is unlikely to happen. Managers can be even more assured by our HA solution's ability to create an initial copy of your original data, send it to the new target, and run in side-by-side mode until you feel comfortable making the switch.

Lack of Experience in Performing Cloud Migration

Most IT teams don't have much experience performing an IBM i cloud migration. Our solutions are highly intuitive and will shorten the learning curve. Also, our experts have assisted plenty of IBM i shops with making this migration and their support will be available to you 24/7 in the form of a managed service.

Curious About Best Practices for Migrating and Maintaining Workloads in the Cloud?

Watch this recorded webinar from IBM i experts Tom Huntington and Tom Horan to hear the stories of real companies that have moved to the cloud, considerations and best practices for migrating to the cloud, and the tools that are essential for making the transition. 

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IBM i Cloud Migration Deployment and Managed Services


Customers of our IBM i Cloud Migration Bundle receive ongoing assistance from our experts – from installation to operation. First, our team will take care of the installation. We’ll configure our solutions to the needs of your environment. Next, we’ll make sure you have everything that you need to properly use the technology – from product walk throughs to training resources.

After installation, you’ll receive ongoing support in the form of a managed service. Our team will assist you in operating the suite of solutions as well as perform maintenance to ensure consistent and up to date software. All that you’ll have to worry about is leveraging the bundle to create a more secure and efficient IBM i for your organization.

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