Fortra Cybersecurity Software Bundles

Powerful combinations of Fortra products that solve complex cybersecurity challenges  in innovative ways

Meeting Today's Cybersecurity Challenges

Every day, cyberattacks upend business operations for organizations around the globe. Ingenious and aggressive threat actors stop at nothing to thwart security defenses and gain access to sensitive, mission-critical data and infrastructure to exploit for financial gain.

We need advanced thinking and new solutions to succeed in this fast-changing environment.

Fortra works closely with customers to understand these challenges and determine the capabilities needed to address them. Our customer-driven strategy and software bundles are the result of strong collaboration around how organizations in different industries are enhancing cybersecurity by using our solutions together in inventive ways.

What Is a Fortra Software Bundle?

Sometimes the whole can be greater than a sum of its parts. Case in point: Fortra software bundles. Our solution portfolio contains best-in-class products that solve a range of customer pain points and can be combined for even greater success. Based on customer input, we’ve developed the following solutions that feature intelligent Fortra products working in tandem to solve complex security challenges. This heightens the value these solutions bring to your operations and simplifies your overall approach.

Software Bundling Solutions from Fortra

SFT Threat Protection Bundle


Many organizations need to share files among customers and trading partners quickly and securely. But with collaboration comes the threat of embedded malware and data loss.

Fortra offers integrated threat protection and data loss prevention for secure file transfer. Thanks to a seamless integration with our Secure ICAP Gateway, this bundle allows you to inspect content transferred with either GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) or Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) for threats as well as leakage. Without the risk of malware or data loss, organizations can be confident data will be shared and received securely.

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Zero Trust File Transfer Bundle


Zero trust is about more than network segmentation. Fortra can help you encrypt and securely share data with authorized individuals while protecting it from viruses and malware. Our Zero Trust File Transfer bundle enables automatic file sharing, scanning for malware or viruses, and encryption, giving you total control over files wherever they travel. The result is portable, persistent data security for files of all sizes and sensitivity levels, as well as meaningful progress towards your zero trust goals.    

This bundle combines the power of our Secure File Transfer, Secure ICAP Gateway, Secure Collaboration, File Access Control, and Encryption solutions.

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Training and Response Bundle


Fortra security stacks fail to stop some advanced email threats—exposing enterprises to attacks. However, excellent Security Awareness Training drives users to identify and report inbox threats, serving as a vital secondary line of defense. However, threats will persist if SOC teams are overloaded and unprepared to review reported emails and provide feedback, especially if they’re understaffed. 

Stop email threats by delivering world-class Security Awareness Training and Suspicious Email Analysis. Our managed service ensures advanced email threats are identified, easily reported, and quickly mitigated, which reduces the workload on your SOC, enhances the accuracy of threat detection, and features a fast and responsive feedback loop.

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Offensive Security Bundles


Threat actors are always looking for security gaps to find a way into an organization’s networks and infrastructure. Reactive cybersecurity strategies are not enough to protect your business-critical systems and data. Bundled software from Fortra helps you get ahead of attackers by identifying and eliminating security weaknesses before they are exploited.

  • Offensive Security Essentials Bundle - This bundle brings together Fortra Vulnerability Management (formerly Frontline VM) and Core Impact penetration testing to intelligently identify and evaluate networks and infrastructure security vulnerabilities and accelerate time to remediation.
  • Offensive Security Advanced Bundle - This bundle boasts powerful interoperability between Core Impact’s penetration testing tool and Cobalt Strike's threat emulation software that simulates adversarial post-exploitation scenarios and supports Red Team operations.
  • Offensive Security Elite Bundle - In this bundle, Fortra VM, Core Impact penetration testing, and Cobalt Strike adversary simulation work together to identify security vulnerabilities and predict their potential impact, so you can pre-emptively remediate, improve team efficiency, and reduce risk.  
  • Red Team Bundle - Combining OST and Cobalt Strike enables red teams to run advanced attack simulations designed to bypass defensive measures and detection tools with ease. 
  • Advanced Red Team Bundle - This bundle brings together Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, and Outflank Security Tooling (OST) to safely evaluate organizational infrastructures by running assessments that use the same techniques as modern advanced attackers.  

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Why Bundled Software Is Better


Creative problem-solving paves the way to success when tackling complex cybersecurity challenges. By bringing trusted Fortra products together in powerful new ways, you have access to an elevated set of tools, capabilities, and resources. These software bundles will help you actively protect your organization’s infrastructure, your employees and customers, and your data.  

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