Powertech Command Security for IBM i

Command Monitoring Software for IBM i

Complete control over IBM i commands for greater security

Maintain System Security

Being able to monitor and control the execution of sensitive commands helps you safeguard your system against unauthorized changes or potentially harmful events.

Comply with Regulatory Initiatives

Meet compliance requirements with a complete audit trail. Command Security for IBM i records when select commands are used, giving you the documentation necessary to meet industry regulations and standards.

Easy Setup

You need security solutions that are quick to install and simple to learn so you can start reaping their benefits immediately. With Command Security for IBM i, installation is fast and features are intuitive—no programming required.


Monitor and Control IBM i Commands

Keep your system safe by securing command usage

Commands run your IBM i, but unrestricted commands compromise your system's security. 

Control the execution of IBM i commands to protect sensitive data and applications. With Command Security for IBM i, you can:

Choose sensitive commands to monitor

Specify the conditions under which a command should be secured

Define actions to take when command conditions are met

Prevent sensitive commands from being executed

Notify administrators when users issue particular commands

Modify sensitive commands in a predefined way, such as substituting command keywords or replacing the entire command

Record command useage to a secure journal to meet compliance requirements

Get Started

Monitor commands, prevent unauthorized changes to the system, and maintain an audit record without any programming. See what Command Security has to offer when you request a free software demo.


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