Comprehensive Implementation Services for Robot HA

Fast-track your ROI with these comprehensive implementation services for Robot HA


To start off on the right foot with your new software investment, we recommend that you take advantage of our comprehensive implementation services package, which includes pre-installation planning, product installation, implementation, and basic training services. Additional services are also available for continued implementation assistance.

Pre-Installation Planning Discussion

Before installation and implementation can begin, our consultants will help you:

Determine the source and target(s) servers

Discuss installed applications and object replication goals

Discuss vendor application recommendations for replication

Determine items to be omitted

Identify objects currently being journaled (before using Robot HA)

Outline current system startup procedures

Identify port requirements for remote journaling and firewall considerations

Identify initial library copy requirements

Identify known trigger programs and library list updates

Determine whether library sets will be required

Review replication groups option

Define role swap objectives

Product Installation and Implementation

After the pre-installation planning discussion is complete, our consultants will help you:

Ensure Robot HA is successfully installed on source and target servers

Start the server function

Review or modify general defaults

Initialize the HA to set up the HA environment

Synchronize user profiles on source and target servers to avoid authority errors

Define synchronization attributes

Set synchronization attributes for objects to be replicated based on the planning discussion

Configure email support

Define beginning replication objects identified in pre-installation planning discussion

Start replication

Verify synchronization process

Perform a role swap while active

Basic Training

As part of your initial implementation assistance, our consultants will equip you with essential product knowledge, including:

Basic education based on the above replication implementation

Role swap preparation and procedures

We decided to use some Fortra services, such as on-site implementation and training, to smooth the transition. We had a Fortra Training and Services Consultant come on-site and in just three days he got us going, and we were productive almost immediately.

Paul Ballew, Sr. Vice President and IT Manager, Data Processing Incorporated

Additional Services

Additional implementation services may be requested for the following:

  • Complex replication configuration
  • Business continuity services are available to assist with disaster planning
    • Can include full role swap planning and assistance
  • Unplanned emergency Robot HA role swap assistance
    • Billable services-on-demand are available through Support
    • Includes assistance with Robot HA and assistance with replicated Fortra software

Get Started

When you’re short on time or expertise, our consultants can assist with software installation, configuration, customization, and more to make sure your project is done right.