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You are too busy to monitor your IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) server and its partitions manually—how can anyone keep an eye on QSYSOPR, QSYSMSG, JOBS, JOBQ, SBS, HTTP, IBM MQ, devices, lines, and more 24 hours a day? You need help managing this environment with an exception-based approach that offers the ability to automate simple and complex events so the appropriate team member is notified—and you pass audits and keep your SLAs.

When it comes to finding the solution that fits both your current environment and future needs, you don’t have to settle. Robot is happy to provide this checklist to help you understand your options, identify the must-have features, and move forward in your evaluation process.

This checklist helps you distinguish between Robot Console and other IBM i message management and resource monitoring software so you can make the best decision for your company. For more information, please contact your sales rep.


Automate message queue monitoring (e.g., QSYSOPR, SYSMSG).
Monitor for specific message IDs.
Monitor for ranges of messages.
Monitor for messages in a user-defined table.
Color-code messages with user-defined rules.
Automate filtering of low-importance messages.
Consolidate messages from multiple message queues.
Enhance or override first- and second-level message text.
Monitor SNMP messages from SAN/VIOS environments.
Block specific message responses from being used.
Analyze most frequently received messages.
Attach additional documentation to each message ID.
Auto-repeat important messages.
Maintain an audit history of all messages and responses.
Check that IBM i system resources are in the correct “expected state” at all times.
Monitor controllers and devices.
Monitor CPU usage.
Monitor Domino servers.
Monitor FTP servers or HTTP servers.
Monitor jobs or job queues.
Monitor lines, network interfaces, and network servers.
Monitor object existence.
Monitor output queues.
Monitor servers and subsystems.
Monitor TCP/IP ports and servers.
Monitor IBM MQ channels, managers, and queues.
Monitor for data queue depth.
Monitor any writer for various statuses.
Call a user-defined program to check a resource or custom business application.
LOG MONITORING Others Robot Console
Monitor security audit (QAUDJRN) log and escalate critical events.
Monitor FTP request log, record FTP requests in history, and escalate as needed.
Monitor system history (QHST) log and escalate critical log entries.
Monitor application logs that live in the IFS, such as for Ruby, Java, SAP, and WebSphere.
Reply, escalate, or troubleshoot messages from a browser-based user interface on any device.
Require operator acknowledgement for important, informational messages.
Use IF/THEN/ELSE logic to define complex message handling instructions.
Read message field data automatically.
Execute CL commands in response to messages.
Take advantage of the message automation wizard.
ALERTING Others Robot Console
Send a Windows notification when important messages arrive.
Use two-way SNMP escalations to ITSM/BSM (e.g., Tivoli, CA, BMC, HP).
Define a custom escalation path.
Define how on-call operators should be notified.
Auto-send email notifications to operators for certain messages (when combined with Robot Alert).
Allow remote responses to email alerts (when combined with Robot Alert).
Cascade through a list of email addresses for notification if no response (when combined with Robot Alert).
Send and receive SMS alerts (when combined with Robot Alert).
Define custom on-call operator schedules, i.e., who to notify and when (when combined with Robot Alert).
Alert many users at once by email or SMS (when combined with Robot Alert).
Send emails and SMS from an IBM i command line or program (when combined with Robot Alert).
Define how many times alerts should be repeated (when combined with Robot Alert).
View message summary and resource status information side by side on a single screen.
Integrate with Robot Network for centralized monitoring across all partitions.
Integrate with Robot Alert to escalate via SMTP, SMS, SNMP, and pager protocols.
Integrate with Robot Trapper to convert SNMP events to messages on IBM i.
Integrate with Robot Schedule to trigger Robot jobs based on a message.
SUPPORT SERVICES Others Robot Console
Access complete online help for easy reference.
Work with a designated support consultant.
Call for live support during business hours.
Take advantage of 24/7 after-hours support.
Download software updates for new features and fixes.
Receive online technical alerts.
Use product setup and upgrade assistance.
Increase your knowledge with product certification testing.
Attend industry and product webinars.
Get discounts on classes and event fees.
Read white papers, case studies, how-to documents, and other helpful resources.



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